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0x80072f0c Web Application Proxy

IIS Proxy using ARR to provide client certificate over SSL I have configured a IIS 7 Proxy using ARR under Windows 2008 R2. My goal is to let the IIS proxy provide a client certificate when performing a WebService call. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. SCVMM uses BITS to transfer payload between SCVMM managed computers. These data transfers are encrypted by using a self-signed certificate generated at the time a host machine is added to SCVMM.

  • Windows 10

When you set up Windows Hello in Windows 10, you may get an error during the Create a PIN step. This topic lists some of the error codes with recommendations for mitigating the problem. If you get an error code that is not listed here, contact Microsoft Support.

Where is the error code?

The following image shows an example of an error during Create a PIN.

Error mitigations

When a user encounters an error when creating the work PIN, advise the user to try the following steps. Many errors can be mitigated by one of these steps.

  1. Try to create the PIN again. Some errors are transient and resolve themselves.
  2. Sign out, sign in, and try to create the PIN again.
  3. Reboot the device and then try to create the PIN again.
  4. Unjoin the device from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), rejoin, and then try to create the PIN again. To unjoin a desktop PC, go to Settings > System > About and select Disconnect from organization. To unjoin a device running Windows 10 Mobile, you must reset the device.
  5. On mobile devices, if you are unable to setup a PIN after multiple attempts, reset your device and start over. For help on how to reset your phone go to Reset my phone.If the error occurs again, check the error code against the following table to see if there is another mitigation for that error. When no mitigation is listed in the table, contact Microsoft Support for assistance.

Windows 10 Update Error 0x80244007

0x80090005NTE_BAD_DATAUnjoin the device from Azure AD and rejoin.
0x8009000FThe container or key already exists.Unjoin the device from Azure AD and rejoin.
0x80090011The container or key was not found.Unjoin the device from Azure AD and rejoin.
0x80090029TPM is not set up.Sign on with an administrator account. Click Start, type 'tpm.msc', and select tpm.msc Microsoft Common Console Document. In the Actions pane, select Prepare the TPM.
0x8009002ANTE_NO_MEMORYClose programs which are taking up memory and try again.
0x80090031NTE_AUTHENTICATION_IGNOREDReboot the device. If the error occurs again after rebooting, reset the TPM or run Clear-TPM.
0x80090035Policy requires TPM and the device does not have TPM.Change the Windows Hello for Business policy to not require a TPM.
0x80090036User canceled an interactive dialog.User will be asked to try again.
0x801C0003User is not authorized to enroll.Check if the user has permission to perform the operation​.
0x801C000ERegistration quota reached.Unjoin some other device that is currently joined using the same account or increase the maximum number of devices per user.
0x801C000FOperation successful, but the device requires a reboot.Reboot the device.
0x801C0010The AIK certificate is not valid or trusted.Sign out and then sign in again.
0x801C0011The attestation statement of the transport key is invalid.Sign out and then sign in again.
0x801C0012Discovery request is not in a valid format.Sign out and then sign in again.
0x801C0015The device is required to be joined to an Active Directory domain.​Join the device to an Active Directory domain.
0x801C0016The federation provider configuration is emptyGo to http://clientconfig.microsoftonline-p.net/FPURL.xml and verify that the file is not empty.
0x801C0017​The federation provider domain is emptyGo to http://clientconfig.microsoftonline-p.net/FPURL.xml and verify that the FPDOMAINNAME element is not empty.
0x801C0018The federation provider client configuration URL is emptyGo to http://clientconfig.microsoftonline-p.net/FPURL.xml and verify that the CLIENTCONFIG element contains a valid URL.
0x801C03E9Server response message is invalidSign out and then sign in again.
0x801C03EAServer failed to authorize user or device.Check if the token is valid and user has permission to register Windows Hello for Business keys.
0x801C03EBServer response http status is not validSign out and then sign in again.
0x801C03ECUnhandled exception from server.sign out and then sign in again.
0x801C03EDMulti-factor authentication is required for a 'ProvisionKey' operation, but was not performed.
Token was not found in the Authorization header.
Failed to read one or more objects.
The request sent to the server was invalid.
Sign out and then sign in again. If that doesn't resolve the issue, unjoin the device from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and rejoin.
0x801C03EEAttestation failed.Sign out and then sign in again.
0x801C03EFThe AIK certificate is no longer valid.Sign out and then sign in again.
0x801C03F2Windows Hello key registration failed.ERROR_BAD_DIRECTORY_REQUEST. Another object with the same value for property proxyAddresses already exists. To resolve the issue, refer to Duplicate Attributes Prevent Dirsync. Also, if no sync conflict exists, please verify that the 'Mail/Email address' in AAD and the Primary SMTP address are the same in the proxy address.
0x801C044DAuthorization token does not contain device ID.Unjoin the device from Azure AD and rejoin.
Unable to obtain user token.Sign out and then sign in again. Check network and credentials.
0x801C044EFailed to receive user credentials input.Sign out and then sign in again.

Errors with unknown mitigation

For errors listed in this table, contact Microsoft Support for assistance.

0x80070057Invalid parameter or argument is passed.
0x80090027Caller provided a wrong parameter. If third-party code receives this error, they must change their code.
0x801C0001​ADRS server response is not in a valid format.
0x801C0002Server failed to authenticate the user.
0x801C0006Unhandled exception from server.
0x801C000BRedirection is needed and redirected location is not a well known server.
0x801C000CDiscovery failed.
0x801C0013Tenant ID is not found in the token.
0x801C0014User SID is not found in the token.
0x801C0019​The federation provider client configuration is empty
0x801C001AThe DRS endpoint in the federation provider client configuration is empty.
0x801C001B​The device certificate is not found.
0x801C03F0​There is no key registered for the user.
0x801C03F1​There is no UPN in the token.
​0x801C044CThere is no core window for the current thread.
0x801c004DDSREG_NO_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT: NGC provisioning is unable to find the default WAM account to use to request AAD token for provisioning. Unable to enroll a device to use a PIN for login.

Related topics

A little notes from the field, I recently saw this issue at a customer. Their ADFS Proxy (Active Directory Federation Service) was suddenly not working anymore, It had been running without issues for months.

When started to troubleshoot this, we looking at the Web Application Proxy (WAP) service on the ADFS Proxy server and the error we got was:

The operation stopped due to an unknown general error. Error code 0x8007520C.

We confirmed that the Web Applicaton Proxy service was stopped and the service could not be started. I suspected an issue with the certificate, since the ADFS is highly dependent on certificates working correctly.

To get a list of the certificates installed on the server, use the command via PowerShell:

The public certificate needed for the ADFS and it’s thumbprint is highlighted above with yellow marker. The thumbprint is then used for installing and configuring the Web Application Proxy with the correct certificate, which it done using the following command in PowerShell:

The Web Application Proxy service was then checked and it was now started and running.


The we tested the ADFS to confirm everything was working, you can test ADFS logon using the URL:


Everything now worked.

Error 0x80072f0c


0x80072f0c Windows Update


0x80072f0d Roblox

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