American Classic Carbon 58 Clincher Wheelset Review

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Zack Vestal reviews the American Classic Carbon 58 clincher wheelset Aerodynamic, deep section wheels have become a staple in the wheel quiver for most road racers. Flat to rolling road races. Brand American Classic Model Carbon Clincher 58 Colour Black Year 2016 Size 700c Retail price at new £900 RCE price £645 Savings £450 Warranty 3 Months RCE Warranty Specifications Wheels American Classic Carbon Clincher 58 Hubs American Classic Tyres N/A Weight 1.9kg Category Used Notes Signs of use, please see pict. Hope Pro 3 RS-SP 30 full carbon clincher wheelset - review. Impressive hub, but package a little heavy. American Classic - Victory 30 review. Sturdy and smooth; longer test required to confirm. The Carbon 58 adds a little more aero advantage than average, without any obvious weight or handling penalties. While 8mm more rim depth doesn’t sound much, when combined with a slightly hourglass profile, these American Classic wheels are likely to gain you a few more seconds when the wind.

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  3. American Classic Carbon 58 Clincher Wheelset Reviews

We saw these gems at last year’s InterBike Show, however, it wasn’t until recent that American Classic announced the availability of it’s new 40 All-Carbon clincher wheelset.

As the name might imply, the new wheelset features 40mm deep section. And, to keep trend with the increasingly popular approach to oversized rim width, the 40’s make use of a 22mm cross section. In addition, to greatly reduce overheating during prolonged periods of braking, AC uses a Basalt braking surface to help dissipate heat. Lastly, the wheels use there brand’s own hubs – laced with 18/24 AC bladed spokes.

American Classic recommends using the yellow SwissStop brake pads or Reynolds new Cyro Blue pads.

The wheels have a claimed weight of 1,580g, with a suggested retail price of $2250.00.



    Road Triathlon

  • RIMS

    Carbon 40mm Series 3 All Carbon Clincher Rims 700c


    AC Bladed Spokes Black AC Aluminum Spoke Nipples Silver 18h Radial Front 24h 3-Cross Drive Radial Non-Drive Rear


    FRONT 726g REAR 854g PAIR 1580g


    Gray Color FRONT Micro 58 100mm REAR AC High-low 130mm SPlINE Shimano/SRAM 10/11 or Campagnolo 10/11


    Cromoly QR’s


    Ceramic Bearings Titanium QR’s Wheel Bag // Carbon specific brake pads recommended

Please allow me to awaken this topic again from its 10 year hibernation.
I have a option to acquire this wheelset from someone here in The Netherlands. It's the version with the Victory hubs, 20/24 round (AC?) spokes. The seller says that the wheels are true and that the braking surface and the bearings are in good shape, the latter having just been inspected at his LBS. He doesn't know how many miles they have done since the set came with a second hand TT bike he bought and they have been laying around in the attic. He suspects though that they haven't been used much. He is asking 300 euro's for the set.American classic carbon 58 clincher wheelset review 2
Some info about me:Carbon
I'm almost 50 yr. old, 1.90 m tall, and weigh around 95 kg. I haven't done much bike riding during the last few years and when I pick it up again I would start with just about 70-100 km a week total. I don't race or participate in any GF's, just solo recreational or small group riding. I currently own a set of 24/28 Veltec 42 mm alu clinchers and a 24/30 (yes, 30!) 28 mm low profile alu clincher set. I would pass on the 42 alu Veltec's to my girlfriend and use the AC 58 tubes and the low profile 28's interchangeably, depending on the weather, road conditions and the course profile.

American Classic Carbon 58 Clincher Wheelset Review 2017

This set would be my very first tube wheels ever plus I like the looks of high profile carbon wheels. I'm not in the position of making the trip to the seller to test them out myself because of the distance. My questions are:

700c Carbon Clincher Wheelset Clearance

(1) Will this set hold my weight properly?

American Classic Carbon 58 Clincher Wheelset Reviews

(2) Is the asking price a reasonable one?
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