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There are a lot of Mac apps that are available for the Mac, however it does not mean they are not legitimate and practical.

AnyTrans iphone backup software. View iMobie Inc. View More Apple Mac and iOS News 'We developed Air Backup to offer an easy, safe and automatic way for users to back up their iOS. Anytrans supports incremental backup. That is, only new data is synchronized when the iPhone/Android device is connected to the computer, and wireless synchronization is also supported.

Base on personal experience, AnyTrans has just help me switch my iPhone 6s to iPhone 8 without effort.

As for 'Is AnyTrans Safe', here is some information I have collected. Hope it helpful for you:

1. AnyTrans is an application with many prizes:

Aug. 22, 2013 - 20th Nominee at the Vector Prorenge Awards Utilities Division

Anytrans iphone backup

Jan. 30, 2014 - The 21st Vector ProRegi Awards iPhone category award (AnyTrans for Mac is Mac section)

Jan. 22, 2015 - nominated for Vector Prorenge Award

Feb. 11, 2016 - The 25th Vector Proletion Grand Prize

2. It has received international certification

3. Getting certified from Authoritative Media

'A file manager for iOS devices that has an integrated downloader supporting 900 sites, including YouTube and Facebook; it'll transfer the videos to the iPhone for you over the USB cable.' - PCMAG Team

'This is the best option if you don't have a copy of the iPhone content on a Mac. You can now sync them with your iPhone without worrying about the tracks being erased from the iPhone and lost.' - Macworld Team

4.Best Customer Service from AnyTrans

  • 24/7/365 customer service is here for you at all times.
  • 7-day Free Trial.
  • Refunds by 60 days 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Free Life-time Upgrading

5. By May 2017, there have been over 16 million people downloading and using AnyTrans, to make iOS life better.

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Oct 29, 2017 7:20 PM

Contacts lets you keep touch with your contact lists from personal, business, and other accounts. With AnyTrans, you can manage your contacts more effectively, including transferring contacts from iOS device to computer, between iOS devices directly, adding contacts from computer to your iOS device, transferring contacts to Contact app on your Mac directly, editing info for existing contacts, deleting useless ones as well as uploading contacts to your iCloud. Please refer to detailed guide below to make good use of AnyTrans.

Step 1: Preparations.

Do as following:

  • Open AnyTrans on your computer
  • Connect your iOS device to computer with the USB cable

By default, AnyTrans will detect your iOS device automatically. If you don’t connect your iOS device or your iOS device isn’t recognized, you will see “Please Connect Your iOS Device” interface.

Once your iOS device is recognized, the interface below will display.

Anytrans Iphone Backup

Contacts Management 2

If AnyTrans fails to recognize your iOS device, you may try these troubleshooting steps to solve this problem.

Step 2: Selection.

Do as following:

  • Choose (More) option on the interface
  • Click Contacts option

After the loading process is completed, it will display the total number of contacts on the right side of the Contacts icon. If it shows no number in the Contacts icon, it indicates that there is no contact in your device.

According to Apple principles, the third party software won’t detect your contacts with turning on iCloud connection. Thus, to manage contacts on iOS device, you need to turn off iCloud connection associated with contacts on your device temporarily.

Step 3: Transfer.

Do as following:

  • Choose the contacts you want to transfer
  • Click button (To Computer)
  • Choose the export format of contacts

Anytrans Iphone Backup Failed

Expect for transferring contacts to computer, you can also transfer contacts to another iOS device by clicking button. To transfer contacts from computer to device, please click button. If you want to add new contacts, please click button. To transfer contacts from iOS device to the Contacts app on computer, please click button (Only for Mac). Or if you want to delete unwanted contacts, please click button. By clicking button, you are able to transfer contacts to the iCloud. If AnyTrans does not load your contacts correctly, please refresh the page by clicking button.

Once the transferring process is completed, you will see “Transfer Completed” Page. To locate contacts exported on computer, please click button. To transfer more contacts, please click or button.

Anytrans for ios

Contacts Management 5

Anytrans Iphone Backup Password

1. If you sign out your iCloud from device, the contacts can be kept on your device.

Anytrans Iphone Backup

2. If you switch your iCloud on device to another one, iCloud contacts from the new account will be merged with the contacts on your device.

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