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Aug 07, 2020 ASA 9.0 introduced support for SSL server certificate verification against a list of trusted certificate authority (CA) certificates for Clientless SSL VPN. On Configuration Remote Access VPN Certificate Management Trusted Certificate Pool, you can enable certificate verification for SSL connections to https sites. On the left hand sidebar, click Remote Access VPN. In the new panel on the left, click to expand Certificate Management and click CA Certificates. On the right-hand side of the main panel, click Add. For the Trustpoint Name, simply enter a name to easily identify your intermediate certificate at a later date. Install SSL Certificate in Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance 5500. If you have not yet created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and ordered your certificate, see SSL Certificate CSR Creation for Cisco ASA 5500 VPN. Installing your SSL Certificate in the Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM). The Cisco ASA is often used as VPN terminator, supporting a variety of VPN types and protocols. In this tutorial, we are going to configure a site-to-site VPN using IKEv2. IKEv2 is the new standard for configuring IPSEC VPNs.


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Phone Authentication
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Authentication
Provisioning Cisco IP phones with LSC Certificates
Using Cisco Unified Communications Manager (with USB Tokens)
Using Cisco ASA Phone Proxy (without USB tokens)
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The majority of Cisco IP phones support secure communication for both control and data channels. The security incorporated into Cisco IP phones includes the encryption and authentication of signaling communications between the Cisco IP phones and the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Moreover, Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports encryption, authentication, and anti-replay protection of the voice packets exchanged between Cisco IP phones. It is crucial for network administrators to understand the advantages and disadvantages of secure Cisco IP phone communications. This document summarizes the basic security and encryption features that are supported by Cisco IP phones, Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers, and related Cisco voice products. Furthermore, this document is intended to provide best practices for enabling secure encryption frameworks. This document is not intended to provide detailed configuration or feature guides, rather it will present the information to communicate a general understanding of the available options. The intended audience of this document is network administrators, security and voice engineers, and those responsible for managing voice infrastructures. A cursory understanding of basic security, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and cryptography principles is required.

VoIP is ubiquitous within enterprise environments. It is widely deployed in enterprises because it is flexible and cost effective. It is critical to secure the transmissions of analog voice that is digitized and transmitted in IP packets. Securing VoIP communication minimizes the risk of theft of private information by a hacker. The scenarios are varied but it is important, for security and compliance reasons, that corporations require secure voice communications utilizing their VoIP infrastructure.

There are several products and end-points involved in a Cisco VoIP deployment, including:

Asa vpn certificate online
  • Cisco IP phones: Endpoints that create and receive calls.
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager: Responsible for provisioning, administering, and monitoring Cisco IP phones.
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express: Installed on a Cisco router, this software can be leveraged for Cisco Unified Communications Manager functionality.
  • Voice gateways (H.323) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP): Protocols that interconnect VoIP systems with the analog infrastructure. They are responsible for facilitating calls between IP and analog phones.

Cisco Asa Vpn Certificate Validation Failure

The security involved when deploying Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is similar to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager deployment.


Cisco Asa Vpn


Asa Vpn Certificate Requirements

There are many technologies and products that comprise a VoIP system, but for the purpose of discussing security best practices, this document will focus on Cisco IP phones and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Figure 1: Typical VoIP deployment with Cisco Unified Communications Manager installed in the Headquarters and Cisco IP phones deployed externally.

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