Bmw E39 Rear Door Wont Open

1/6/2022by admin

found the problem.

Bmw E39 Rear Door Wont Opens

there is a black plastic actuator that sits on top of the locking mechanisim. this is easily removed from the lock. i opened this unit up and found the problem. there is a mechanisim which slides over a switch. over time the plastic mechanisim is worn down by the switch rubbing back and forth over it, hence the switch is no longer pressed because of wear. (its all plastic in there!!) however i have ordered a new actuator at a cost of 40 pounds which should sort the locking out!!.

  • Hello gents, wonder if anyone has an idea about this: Was very cold up here in tDales last night and the car (2001 E39) was all frozen up this morning. Front door opened fine and I went to sling the kids school bags on the back seat and the rear door wouldnt close - essentially frozen open.
  • As the title says, my 528i Passenger side front door wont open. When I unlock the car, the lock appears to open. However, trying to open the door from either inside or out doesnt work.
  • HOW TO FIX DOOR THAT DOES NOT OPEN FROM INSIDE ON BMW Check out our Amazon store for the tools that we use in our videos:
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the door card was very easy to get off. gently prize out window switch and disconnect. remove small screw behind door handle. and then gently work your way around the bottom of the pannel prizing out the plastic bolts which are attached to the card. next push through the door handle. the top part of the door is also removed the same way except these are metal holders!/....... once that is out peel back waterproof membrane.

the lock can now be removed. remove the wiring from the lock. this is done by pulling down on a bit of plastic and then the wiring should come out.. next disconnect the outside door pull. ( this just unclips of the holder. next remove 3 screws on the back of the lock ('star') bolts?!?!? the lock should now drop and come out. the plastic actuator box is then easily prizwed off and a new one can now be fitted!!.....


hope this helps somebody.. i cant rememer all of the steps to this but i think its all here

Bmw E39 Rear Door Won't Open

The passenger door on my E39 won't open from inside or outside. Also, the electric mirror and window on that side are not working. Is there an electrical connection that I could check, preferably. While continuing to hold button # 1 press the button on your garage door remote until the light on the left of button # 1 will flashes fast. Continue to hold down buttons 1 and the button on your remote garage door opener until light stops flashing. Press and hold down button # 1 to test if it was programmed correctly.

Bmw E39 Rear Bumper Removal


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