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8. Astro-Meteorology ~

For many centuries, astrologers and astronomer have sought to detect relationships among planetary influences and sunspot cycles, weather and seismic activity.
In 1975, the prominent astronomers, Drs. John Gribbin and Stephen Plagemann, presented a hypothesis, called 'The Jupiter Effect', synthesized from numerous observations by other researchers, that the gravity vectors and magnetospheres of the planets affect sunspot activity. These in turn produce major changes in terrestrial weather, which cause minor but sudden alterations in Earth’s spin. These alterations aggravate seismic activity, which is reinforced by peaks of activity --- a 'beat effect' --- in the 180-year sunspot cycle.
A major conclusion of the Jupiter Effect theory is that sometime between 1989 and may 2000 particularly close groupings of the major planets will exert their most focused magnetic and gravitational influence. (39)
Dr. Gribbin retracted his theory in 1980, but the popular press continued to propagandize the original idea. Also in 1980, the Belgian astronomer Dr. Jan Meeus published a review of several studies that failed to show any correlation among planetary positions, solar activity, and earthquakes. However, several other studies show clear relationships between the Moon and seismic activity.
In 1933, Father Rhodes showed that there is an increase of seismic activity when the Moon is near perigee; there is less activity when it approaches its apogee. In 1935, Harlan Stetson (Harvard University) reported his investigation of some 2,000 deep-focus earthquakes (those with epicenters more than 100 km below the Earth’s surface):

'The frequency of their occurrence with the Moon’s position referred to the epicenter at the time the shocks occur. There is a striking correlation between the frequency of these deep-focus quakes and the horizontal (East-West) components of the tidal forces in operation at the time.'

The Soviet geophysicist Dr. G.P. Tamrazyan developed statistical heterodyning methods to show the relationship between earthquakes and the tidal influence on lunar and solar motion. By integrating lunar phases and orbital eccentricity into his statistics, Dr. Tamrazyan found that the number of earthquakes in Nevada increased about 800% within a few days after lunar perigee.
Similarly, Dr. T. Simkin, et al., (Museum of Natural history, DC), directly observed volcanic activity in tectonic plates in the Galapagos Islands in 1966. The scientists witnessed the collapse of a volcanic caldera, and found that for the first 42-hours of the event, the associated earthquakes 'occurred only at each extremium of the local ocean tide.' The volcanic eruption and collapse of the caldera occurred at the exact time when the solar tidal force was maximal, and the Moon was at perigee, thus producing maximum horizontal and vertical compression and tension.
Several other studies have shown possible correlations between sunspot activity and planetary positions, while some studies found no clear relationship. A few researchers have shown a definite effect of solar activity on terrestrial weather (i.e., Markson & Muir: Science 208 (#4447): 979-990 (30 May 1980). (42-50)
Careful study of the ancient scientific art of astrology can reveal millennia of accumulated wisdom and observational data to its students. However, astrology is commonly abused, misunderstood, misinterpreted, and often fraudulently exploited. Modern astrology has gained a modicum of scientific credibility insofar as solar flares and planetary magnetospheres have been shown to affect human behavior.
For example, Dr. Arnold L. Lieber and Carolyn R. Sherin (Univ. Miami) analyzed all of the murders committed over the 15-year period from 1956-1970, and discovered that peaks in the murder rate were associated with both the new and full moon by a small statistical significance. Examination of homicides committed during a 13-year period (1958-1970) in Ohio revealed similar peaks that approached statistical significance.
Dr. Lieber hypothesized that because humans contain about the same proportion of elements (80% water, 20% organic compounds and inorganic minerals) as the earth’s surface, the moon might influence the mass of water in human beings in the same manner as the ocean tides.
Astro-meteorology concerns the art and science of forecasting weather, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. By means of this knowledge, the great natural scientists Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton made accurate long-range forecasts of European weather. In 1704, Newton forecast the exact date of the earthquakes and hurricanes which struck London in 1750 (23 years after his death). The major astronomical aspects which Newton saw as indicators of this disaster were the appearance of the aurora borealis, and the Moon in perigee during a solar eclipse while Jupiter was closest to Earth. The exact time of the earthquake was determined by calculating the transit of the next planet to the point in space where the eclipse took place.
Joseph Goodavage reviewed the subject in detail in his book, Our Threatened Planet. According to Goodavage, the ancient Greek Anaxagoras, and other astrologers, earthquakes occur when any of the following aspect are in effect:

1. The perigees of the heavy planets are in Taurus and Scorpio
2. The Moon is in 'fixed signs' or eclipsed in Scorpio, especially in the first decan
3. Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter or Mars are in Taurus or Scorpio, with other planets in fixed signs
4. Several planets are on or near the equator
5. Great comets are in their perihelion and within the orbits of Uranus and Saturn
6. Uranus squares or opposes Mars, Jupiter or Saturn or is conjunct with an eclipse of the Sun or Moon
7. Luna is in perigee directly over the stricken area
8. Saturn is at the nadir when Sol is at the equinoxes or solstices
9. Saturn and Jupiter are within orb of aspect to mean longitude 135º (Leo) and 265º (Sag.)
10. Major planets are square, opposite, or form a Grand Cardinal Cross --- earthquakes are triggered by the transit of Mars across an arm of the Cross
11. The Sun and moon are eclipsed while conjunct Mercury
12. The full or new Moon aspects planets in 1º Taurus, or is conjunct the Pleiades

Statistical studies have shown that 12% more earthquakes occur in syzygy weeks than in perigee weeks. During the 5-day period after the highest tide, there is the greatest likelihood that earthquakes will occur in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, more quakes occur in the 5 days after the lowest tide. When the Moon is on the Equator, the next two days are the period of the greatest likelihood of earthquakes in both hemispheres.
In the opinion of George Hadsill, author of Eclipses 1865-2000, solar eclipses are causative agents of human events and seismic activity:

'In connection with earthquakes, eclipses are most powerful, when in fixed signs and in a part of the world where, at that time, fixed signs are on the meridian or horizon. Planets in fixed signs in connection with earthquakes, are more powerful than others.
'When the Midheaven or Ascendant are in an aspect with the eclipse, as a rule there occurs a very heavy earthquake... From all the many aspects you may take conjunctions, oppositions, squares, semi- and sesqui-squares with an orb less than 5º. All earthquakes are in a similar way connected with the previous eclipse and the heavier the earthquake the closer the connection, and the stronger the connecting aspects usually.'

A Chaldean astrologer-priest and historian named Berosus (2nd century AD) was so accurate a prophet that the Athenia Greeks erected a statue of him with a gilded tongue to symbolize and honor his accuracy and truthfulness. Seneca quotes him thus:

'These events take place according to the course of the stars; and affirm it so positively, as to assign the time for the Conflagration and the Deluge... All terrestrial thing will be consumed when the planets... shall coincide in the sign of Cancer, and be so placed that a straight line could pass through all their arcs.'

Many occultists, mystics and prophets have assigned various dates to mark the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the New Age for which peace-lovers wait. Most opinions date that advent about 100 years before or after 2000 AD.
The eminent occultist Manly P. Hall wrote an authoritative study of the Cosmic Ages in A System of World Prophecy, in which he offered his version of the schedule of events leading up to the next era:

'The astrological prophecies of Albumazar, Nostradamus, and William Lilly are famous as examples of long-range prediction. Many efforts have been made to reconstruct from the scattered hints in their writing the system which they used. In some of the old manuscripts in my own collection, and others which I have consulted, I believe that I have discovered an important key to the ancient system of mundane prediction.
'The Egyptians taught that the history of the world is revealed through the precession of the equinoxes. By astronomical calculation, they discovered that the duration of the Great Year of the Precession is approximately 25,920 years. They referred to this cycle as the Divine Year or the Year of the Gods...
'This Great Year the ancients divided into 12 parts or ages of 2,160 calendar years each. Zodiacal rulerships were assigned to the ages, as for example, the Taurean Age, the Piscean Age. As the precession of the equinoxes retires through each of the zodiacal signs of the Great Year, the constellational power is said to be released into worldly affairs according to the sign of the zodiac in which the equinox occurs...
'It is the consensus of ancient and modern astrologers that the equinox is now taking place inPisces. According to my research, the Piscean Agebegan in 325 AD and will end 2485 AD. By this calculation, the much heralded Aquarian Agewill begin 2486 AD and continue for 2,160 years...
'According to the calculations which have been able to reconstruct, the vernal equinox now is taking place in the 7th degree of Pisces, which will bring the emphasis upon social and economic reconstructionfrom 1981 to 2052...
'The keynote for the 360-year period from 1765 to 2124 is Liberation. This entire period is under the rulership of Sagittarius, a positive sign. The keywords of Sagittarius are: expansion, inclusion, ambition, and aspiration. The planet Jupiter, which expresses the quest for universal peace, dominates the entire Sagittarian cycle... From 1981 to 2052, a Virgo sub-period, will come the war against industrial tyranny. And in the final division of this sub-period, from 2053 to 2124, under the royal sign of Leo, will be set up the first relatively permanent system of world government --- the battle against political tyranny.
'In all probability, it is this emphasis on Leo that caused Nostradamus to predict the rise of the 'King of the World’.
'The year 2125 will usher in a completely new cycle of power under the great rulership of Cancer. Each time the precession of the equinoxes has passed through a Cancer subdivision, there has been a great revival of old wisdom and learning. This marks the last 360 years of the Piscean Cycle as a period of restoration.' (53)

On May 5, 2000 AD, the planets formed a Grand Cross: Sun 17º Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio, Mercury 10º Taurus, Venus 7º Taurus, Mars 28º Taurus, Jupiter 16º Taurus, Saturn 19º Taurus, Uranus 21º Aquarius, Neptune 7º Aquarius, Pluto 12º Sagittarius. 'Nothing' happened.

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9. Pole Shifts ~

Several passages in the Bible appear to be prophecies to the effect that during the Tribulation period, planet Earth will roll over in its orbit, turning upside down:

'Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the Earth shall move out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.'

(Isaiah 13:13)
'Behold the Lord makest the earth empty, and makest it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.
The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.
The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage...
Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed, when the Lord of hosts shall reign in Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before his ancients gloriously.'

(Isaiah 24: 1, 19, 20, 23 )
'Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken.' (Matthew 24: 29)
'And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken by a mighty wind.
And the heavens departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.'

(Revelation 6: 12-14 )
'But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, and the earth also and the works therein shall be burned up.'

(II Peter 3: 10)
'Shall not the land tremble for this, and every onemourn that dwelleth therein? And it shall rise up wholly as a flood; and it shall be cast out and drowned, as by the flood of Egypt.
And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord God, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in the clear day.'

(Amos 8: 8-9 )

A considerable amount of evidence is available to support arguments for the Pole Shift Theory, that many in geological history, the earth has moved suddenly to a new orientation, with the former poles at the new equator, or even completely reversed. Such a catastrophe would generate volcanic explosions, global earthquakes, vast lava flows, electrical storms, and clouds of toxic gases and dust. The oceans and seas would rush from their beds, and tidal waves thousands of feet high would roll across the continents and destroy much of life on earth. The evidence that catastrophic crustal shifts have occurred in the past includes flash-frozen mammoths, coral reefs in Alaska, and well-preserved trees (some still bearing fruit) thousands of years old and buried under the Arctic tundra. Extensive coal deposits are found in temperate and frigid zones, but seldom in the tropics, which contradicts the conventional theory that attributes coal formation to massive forestation --- unless the lithosphere has shifted radically.
The Pole Shift theory was developed in 1911 by Hugh A. Brown after he read about the discovery of frozen mammoth in the Arctic tundra. Brown was an electrical engineer; he died at 97 in 1975. According to Brown, the entire planet rolls over about 90º approximately every 7,000 years, 'due to the off-center mass of the polar ice caps.' Brown explained:

'Because of the curvature of the globe, the centrifugal forces of the rotating ice sheets which initiate the careens soon reach a maximum and then diminish.
'When the ice caps have migrated 45 degrees of latitude, their centrifugal force responds to the combined motions of careening and rotation. Between the sun latitudes of 45 degrees and 0 degrees they change from being upsetting to being stabilizing forces.
'Equatorial forces then start to form, and the centrifugal forces of the ice caps and of the new bulges are soon working in unison to bring the reeling motions of the globe to a rapid slow-down and stop...
'Following the next careen of the globe the present continent of Antarctica can reasonably be expected to become the center of a land hemisphere --- because of the centrifugal force of rotation which shall be created by its weight and speed of motion...
'The area of the globe now occupied by the Arctic Ocean will probably become the center of a water hemisphere --- like the Pacific Ocean today. What is now northern Siberia, northern Canada and Alaska will probably become parts of the submerged ocean floor...
'According to this hypothesis, Brazil would roll to the South Pole and the Philippine Islands would become the land area nearest the North pole... It would be equally valid speculation to say that some area of the globe within about 2,000 miles of Lake Chad will be at the North Pole during the epoch of time following our own, and that this would occur as a result of the past --- namely, the Hudson Bay Basin careened to the North Pole axis of spin, then Lake Chad moved in, only to be supplanted by the present Arctic Ocean area. This shows a tendency for land areas to roll back to nearly the same position of latitude and longitude that they rolled away from.' (27-30)

Brown’s theory was developed further by Prof. Charles Hapgood (history & anthropology, Keene State College, NH) with mathematician James Campbell. in Earth’s Shifting Crust. Prof. Albert Einstein wrote a forward to it. Hapgood was of this opinion:

'The ice caps could not generate enough centrifugal force to shift the Earth’s crust... The force is probably provided by vast currents of magma moving under the Earth’s crust... The Earth’s crust is a loose shell, floating on a semi-liquid layer underneath... This whole shell --- the whole outer crust of the Earth --- has been frequently displaced over the soft layer as one unit, much as if the skin of an orange were loose and could be moved around without breaking or disrupting the fruit within... [Pole Shifts] might have been due to unbalanced effects deep within the mantle, which disturbed the thixotropic solid of the interstitial magma into becoming fluid, and hence slippage toward a new equilibrium...'

The wave-guide layer [in the athenosphere] is of great advantage for the concept of displacement. It suggests an easy zone of shear for the movement, wherein all frictional effects will be minimized... The shifts of the lithosphere have at times attained extraordinary speeds as compared with the speeds of the subcrustal currents now estimated by geophysicists. The combination of the geometrical progression of centrifugal effects with the zone of easy shear in the wave-guide layer opens up the possibility of extremely rapid movements of the Earth’s outer shell. The Earth’s equator is centrifuging at 1,040 miles per hour. The imbalance of Earth’s crust is estimated to possess a torque of about 48.6 x 1015 ton-miles, enough to turn the crust along the meridian of greatest eccentrific force (longitude 96o E.). Hapgood and Campbell have reasoned that Rangoon, Burma will be the new North Pole. (31-34)
Chan Thomas (The Adam and Eve Story, 1963) has suggested that Earth’s magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) force field maintains the mantle in a semi-solid state until the earth periodically crosses zones of 'zero magnetic energy' (as yet unknown to science), which changes the MHD state. The plastic mantle then suddenly becomes liquid, and the shell of the planet moves.
The great catastrophe theorist Immanuel Velikovsky suggested that Earth’s rotation could be slowed down, even halted, if the planet passed through a powerful magnetic field:

'Eddy currents would be generated in the surface of the Earth, which in turn would give rise to magnetic fields, interacting with the external field, and would slow down the Earth or bring it to a rotational stasis.
'Such a rotational slowing would cause friction between the various liquid and semifluid layers, creating heat; on the outermost periphery the solid layers would be torn apart, causing mountains and even continents to fall or rise... If the magma inside the globe continued to rotate at a different angular velocity than the shell, it would tend to set the Earth rotating slowly.'

J. B Jeunemann (Dir., Hydrogen Research Inst.), suggested that a phase lag would have to be created to perform the work involved in this theory. He opined that an extraterrestrial body (i.e., a passing asteroid) could provide the necessary energy.
The movement of the ice sheets also could be initiated by nuclear explosions, and be sustained by gravitational energy. The last polar ice surge occurred about 90,000 years ago in Queen Maud Land and the Wilkes Land section of eastern Antarctica. Underground testing has been linked to a direct cause-and-effect relation to abnormal polar motion, according to research by Shigeyoshi Matsumae (Pres., Tokyo Univ.) and Yoshio Kato (Dir., Dept. Aerospace Sci., Tokyo Univ.). They plotted North Pole motion and found that 'The position of the pole slid radically (up to one meter) at the time of nuclear explosions' of more than 150 kilotons.
In The Path of the Poles, Prof. Hapgood produced new evidence based on studies of fossil magnetism, indicating that some 200 pole shifts have occurred during geological history, with 16 in the last few million years, 3 times during the past 100,000 years, and most recently at the end of the last Ice Age, 15-18,000 years ago. Hapgood warned of a possible forthcoming pole shift:

'My research has indicated that an earlier shift of the crust took place between 50,000 and 45,000 years between the shifts. However, it is not impossible that another shift may be very close upon us, and there are two lines of evidence that indicate this.
'The first line of evidence is the rising curve of great earthquakes since 1900. A leading specialist in earthquakes, H. Benioff, has pointed out that these are great earthquakes that are global in their implications and that have not yet been explained. According to Benioff, these great quakes have not only been coming in at shorter and shorter intervals, but they have been increasing in violence.'

  • In the 50 years between 1897 and 1947, an average of 3 earthquakes over Richter-6 were observed each decade

  • This number increased to an average of 7 between 1946 and 1956

  • Seventeen quakes measuring greater than Richter-6 were observed in 1967

Since then the annual number of Richter-6 or stronger quake has increased:

  • 19 in 1968

  • 21 in 1969

  • 24 in 1970

  • 34 in 1971

  • During the decade from 1967 to 1976 there were 180 earthquakes of Richter-7 or greater magnitude

The trend continues to increase in the number and magnitude of quakes.
Several passages in the Bible warn of gigantic earthquakes in these latter days: Joel 2:10; Ezekiel 38: 19, 20; Isaiah 24: 18-23; Matthew 24: 7; Revelation 6: 12; ibid., 16: 17-20; ibid., 18: 1-24.
The National Earthquake Information Center has found a relationship between a 7-year cycle in seismic activity and the 7-year maximum in the daily Chandler Wobble of Earth’s axis of rotation.
Prof. Hapgood claimed that the Earth’s crust is already moving, and increasing its speed. Data provided by Munk and McDonald indicates that the North Pole moved 10 feet towards Greenland from 1900 to 1960 (about 6 cm or 2-1/2 inches/year), and Markowitz suggests that the Pole moved about 20 feet from 1900-1968. It is now moving about 10 cm (4 inches) per year. These observations reveal a geometrical 8-fold acceleration of the rate of motion of the pole. Furthermore, the international Polar Motion Service has collected observations since 1940 showing that the secular motion or progressive drift of the North Pole meandered about 8 meters toward Greenland from 1903-1973, and more than one meter between 1965-1973 --- a considerable increase. (38)
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10. Extinction Events ~
Geomagnetic Depletion

--- Earth’s magnetic field shields lifeforms from the mutagenic effects of solar and cosmic radiation. But the geomagnetic field is not stable over long periods, and some of the known reversals of the geomagnetic fields have been linked to the extinction of simple life forms such as Radiolaria (a monocellular order of marine fauna). It is thought that their demise was due to depletion of the ozone layer. The subsequent onslaught of solar protons and cosmic-rays destroyed the Radiolaria.
The geomagnetic field has reversed at least 20 times during the past 4 million years. The field may remain neutral for 1,000 years before it regenerates. The field is currently diminishing at an exponential rate and may begin to reverse itself in the 21st or 22nd century. Studies by physicist Thomas Barnes (Univ. of Texas) have shown that the geomagnetic field is decaying at such a rate that if the process does not limit itself or reverse, the present polar magnetic field strength of 0.62 gauss will decrease to less than 0.001 gauss during the next 7,000 years. The magnetic field has an apparent half-life of 1,400 years and is governed by the exponential decay law. Back-calculation of the rate of decay indicates that Earth would have been a 'magnetic star' about 50,000 years ago. Since that was not the case, then only a catastrophic cosmic event could have produced the present magnetic situation. As early as 1883, Sir Horace Lamb speculated that,

'The initial currents in the Earth’s magnetic core could have been induced by the sudden removal of an external magnetic field.'

Dr. Robert Langel (Goddard Flight Center, MD) estimated that magnetic pole reversal will occur in approximately 1,200 years,

'based on the assumption that the current rate of declining intensity of force lines in the Earth’s magnetic field... would remain constant. It is possible that the reversal would come much sooner or much later.'

Meteor Impacts

--- In 1984, astronomers Richard Muller and Luis Alvarez (Univ. California) and others reported that mass extinctions of the dinosaurs (and most other animals and plants) occurred about every 26 to 28 million years, according to the fossil records. The impact craters formed by very large meteorites closely follow the same pattern, as too does the distribution of iridium in sedimentary layers of those geological periods. The most recent extinction occurred about 11 million years ago.
According to geologist Alfred Fischer (Princeton Univ.), the periodic mass destruction of life on Earth seemingly operates on two different cycles. His analysis of extinction events distinguished a 37-million year cycle in addition to the 26-28 million year cycle. The two cycles reinforce each other approximately every 75 million years, producing a super-mass extinction; in the last such some 65 million years ago, 99% of all species on Earth disappeared. The same thing happened 77 million years previously and 76 million years before that.

'A mass extinction of species is taking place today without cosmic intervention. The wanton destruction of tropical forests represents the greatest extinction to occur since the end of the Cretaceous Age. Plant species are dying at the rate of 10,000 per year, one per hour. About 2 million species will have been lost by 2,000 AD.'

Many of the disasters attributed to nature actually are caused or worsened by human activity. The number of deaths from droughts, floods, earthquakes and other natural phenomena increased six-fold in the 1970s, due to human vulnerability resulting from poverty and poor land use. Disaster relief often is useless or even counterproductive.
Ice Ages

--- According to John Hamaker, the build-up of atmospheric carbon dioxide is influenced critically by the progressive demineralization of the soil in a long cycle; glaciation and vulcanism are the natural remineralizing processes. Human industry has aggravated the problem in recent years. There has been a 13% rise in atmospheric CO2 since the industrial age began; nearly half of that rise has occurred since 1962! Hamaker contends that we are in an extreme crisis, facing the very sudden onset of a new Ice Age:

'Glaciation occurs whenever the soil minerals left by the last glacial period are used up and the plant life can no longer regulate CO2 in the air. A United Nations report estimates that by the year 2000, 90% of the agricultural land and two-thirds of the tropical forests will be destroyed by wind, fire, disease, and insects... the winds will increase to 100 mph and up, and they will increase in frequency. For this and other reasons, agriculture and industry will be so crippled that the effects of man on CO2 will be nullified and the increase of CO2 will take place at a slower rate. By then most of the world’s population will be dead.
'Excess heat from the Greenhouse Effect (due to the accumulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide) causes more water to evaporate from the oceans. This humidity is condensed as snow in the polar regions. Meanwhile, the temperate and tropical zones suffer the other extreme: drought. Forest fires rage out of control. When the ice sheet is formed, its weight depresses the lithosphere and forces underlying magma to erupt. Volcanic activity in a glacial period is several times that of interglacial periods, and adds great quantities of CO2 and SO­2 to the air. The resulting acid rain leaches the remaining soil minerals, and more plants die. The level of carbon dioxide may rise to several time the interglacial average of about 290 ppm. Raging winds will grind glacial rubble to dust and spread it about the planet to remineralize the soil over a period of several thousand years. Carbon dioxide levels will drop to about 200 ppm as the soil begins to support more forests, which absorb CO2 .
'The change from inter-glacial to glacial conditions can happen very quickly. At the end of the last glacial period, vegetation deteriorated over a span of 150 years, and changed from temperate zone to subarctic vegetation during the last 20 years of the transition stage.'

Several other models have been proposed to explain the scientific mystery of cause of Ice Ages. Some theories invoke cosmic influences such as variations in solar output, interstellar dust clouds which block sunlight, and reversals of the Earth’s magnetic field. J.D. Hays, et al. showed that for the past 500,000 years, major climatic changes such as the Ice Ages have followed variations in the obliquity and precession of Earth’s orbit. Hays monitored the record of the past 450,000 years in Southern Hemisphere ocean floor sediments and determined three indices of global climate at periods of 3,000, 42,000, and 100,000 years. The peaks corresponded to 'the dominant periods of Earth’s solar orbit, and contain respectively about 10, 25, and 50% of climatic variance:

'The 42,000 year climatic component has the same period as variations in the obliquity of the Earth’s axis, and maintains a constant phase relationship with it.
'The 23,000 year portion of the variance develops the same periods (about 23,000 and 19,000years) as the quasi-periodic precession index....
'The dominant 100,000 year climatic component has an average period close to, and in phase with orbital eccentricity...
'It is concluded that changes in the earth’s orbital geometry are the fundamental cause of the succession of Quaternary Ice Ages.
'A model of future climate based on the observed orbital-climate relationships, but ignoring anthropogenic effects predicts that the long-term trend over the next several thousand years is toward extensive Northern Hemisphere glaciation.'

Don Anderson (Cal. Inst. Tech.) has shown that correlations between long-term variations in the speed of Earth’s rotation (the length of day) are due to increased vulcanism, which changes wind circulation patterns.
Volcanoes along the Pacific rim follow a 65-year cycle of eruptions with increasing intensity at alternate peaks of 130 years. The next such cyclic peak is expected in 2045 AD.
The situation could be sorely aggravated by a Nuclear Winter, which could caused by an exchange of such weapons in World War III.

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11. The McKenna/ I Ching Apocalypse ~

The brothers Dennis and Terence McKenna made a computer analysis of the Chinese oracle system of the I Ching (Book of Changes), which dates to circa 1,000 BC. The I Ching consists of 64 arrangements of 6-line hexagrams (kua). The permutations of the lines express universal archetypes which illustrate fate. The McKennas discovered that the I Ching also represents a highly accurate lunar calendar of 384 days, divided into 13 months. The calendar was lost in a mass book-burning in the 3rd century BC, after which it was replaced with a less accurate 360-day calendar. Further research revealed that the I Ching calendar ends in the year 2012 --- within a year of the end of the South American Eagle Bowl Calendar! The McKenna’s offered an explanation for this synchronicity in their book, The Invisible Landscape:

'Such a hierarchy [of 64 codons] would require 26 levels to describe the totality of temporal existence... Our view is that various temporal levels are overtonal harmonics of a quantum-mechanical flux of cyclical and irreducible variables. If one entertains the idea that our universe may possess such a time scheme, one is led to contemplate the problem of the nature and necessity of the final time such a theory requires...
'In a modular hierarchy of space-time such as we propose, the total resident in the continuum can be supposed to be totally resident in each resident subset. this idea follows necessarily from the assumption of organismic thought that the entire hierarchical continuum is resident in its modular parts. The fold of temporal limitation and particularly that which defines a nexus of space-time is the place where nodes of connection typical of higher spatial dimension ingress into the world of normal space-time... The cessation of boundary constraints imposed by higher levels in the hierarchy causes a quantized drop toward the zero state each time that a cycle enters its terminal phase on any level in the hierarchy. Such quantized transitions from one modality to another are called 'changes of epochs' by Whitehead... Terminations of cycles or epochs of really long duration cause extreme accelerations toward the zero state. This idea is similar to Whitehead’s conception of concrescence and the Vedic conception of world ages which grow shorter as they tighten around an axis point. The spiral image of the Christian Apocalypse is another example of this intuition that time is a series of tightening cycles around a quantized transformation...
'The critical role of our own era is a fact only if the assumption of the cyclical, ever-condensing nature of time is correct. If time is an eternal process, then it may be open-ended or cyclical, but not the latter in such a way as to ever yield the actual concresence this idea calls for. That could happen only if the temporal cycles were to constantly shorten themselves aroundtemporal axis... Such a leading of energy toward a center can only end in transformation...
'Any date might be studied as a possible date of major concresence... The problem with this, and all approaches of this sort, lies in finding a method of quantifying historical data. [Aleksandr Tchijevsky developed such a method for the Universal Historical Process.]
'The second approach to a search for possible dates of future concresence is more subtle and takes account of the precession of the equinoxes. Because of the precession, the solstice and the equinoctal nodes precess or move backwards against the background of the fixed stars which comprise the zodiac. In a 26,000-year zodiacal great year, the solstice and equinoctal nodes move around the entire zodiac. It is a coincidence then that in our own time, the winter solstice is placed in the constellation Sagittarius, only about 3º from the galactic center which, also coincidentally, is within 2º of the ecliptic. Because the winter solstice node is precessing, it is moving closer and closer to the point on the ecliptic where it will eclipse the galactic center. This will occur sometime within the next 200 years. It is difficult to be more accurate, since the term 'galactic center' is ambiguous. A degree covers a large area, and the galaxy may be presumed to have a gravitational center, a radio center, and a spatial center. Nevertheless, we suggest that the transition from one zodiacal era of approximately 2,200 years duration to the next may be hinged on the conjunction of the solstice node and the galactic center. It is useful to examine winter solstices on which solar eclipses will occur over the next 200 years, during which the earth’s solstice node will be slowly transiting the area of the galactic center. The eclipse of the galactic center by the solstice sun, which is itself in eclipse relation to the earth, might be an event unusual enough to signal an onset of concresence...
'The universe is subject to cycles of temporal variables, occurring on many levels and generating appropriate forms of novelty on each such level. Life’s epoch began one to two billion years ago --- 1.3 billion years on our scale. Eighteen million years ago brings one to the height of the age of mammals. One 64th of this 18-million year cycle is a cycle whose inception was 275,000 years ago, a time which corresponds well with the emergence of homo sapiens. One 64th of this cycle brings us to the cycle which epitomizes what might properly be called historiculture, that cycle which began 4300+ years ago, around 2300 BC. The duration of the cycle next encountered is 67+ years, and we have assumed the most recent epoch to have begun in 1945. The end of World War Two and the development of atomic weapons and their use in warfare forms a novelty whose appearance attended the shift of epochs that created the post-modern world. If our understanding is correct, then this same 67+ year cycle at, or near the end of a 4300-year cycle, will terminate around the year 2012...
'Achievement of the zero state can be imagined to arrive in one of two forms. One is the dissolution of the cosmos in an actual cessation and unraveling of natural laws, a literal apocalypse. The other possibility takes less for granted from the mythologems associated with the collective transformation and entry into concresence and hews more closely to the idea that concresence, however miraculous it is, is still the culmination of a human process, a process of toolmaking, which comes to completion in the perfect artifact: the monadic self, exteriorized, condensed, and visible in three dimensions; in alchemical terms, the dream of a union of spirit and matter. Presumably, were such a hyperspatial tool or process to be discovered, in a very short time it would entirely restructure life’s experience of itself, of time, space, and of otherness, and then it would be these effects which would follow rather than precede the concresence, and which, through their atemporal influence on the content of visionary experience, would be seen to have given rise to the 'apocalyptic scenario' in the expectation of so many ontologies. The appearance in normal space-time of a hyperdimensional body, obedient to a simultaneously transformed and resurrected human will, and able to plumb to obligations and opportunities inherent in this unique juncture in energy’s long struggle for liberation, may be apocalypse enough...
'Until we understand that there is a teleological object at the end of human history, and it can be known, we will continue to live the kind of limited intellectual existence that has characterized the last 500 years or so of western development...
'Human history is a lunge across 15 or 20 thousand years of time from the primitive stone-chipping primate to that creature which will walk into a transdimensional vehicle and leave the solar system and human history and the concerns of the human monkey far behind...
'The human soul, essentially, the oversoul of mankind, is calling history toward itself across the dimensions... History is the shock wave of eschatology... It is the great, great adventure of becoming, and we are very privileged to be in this final ticking out of the last seconds of the third act.' (54)

12. The Physics of Time ~

The physics of time complicates the dating of prophecies; time is very flexible, and it will accelerate as the present era draws to a close. The McKennas explained it eloquently in The Invisible Landscape. The Latin Tiburtine Sibyl explained it thus:

'The years will be shortened like months, the months like weeks, the weeks like days, the days like hours, and an hour like a moment.'

The New Testament also suggests something of the sort in Matthew 24: 22.
In the 1960s, the Soviet astrophysicist N. A. Kozyrev made an experimental study of the properties of Time. He used electrified gyroscopes and pendulums to demonstrate the density or intensity of time:

'There also exists a variable property which can be called the density or intensity of time.... The density of time changes within broad limits, owing to the processes occurring in nature... It proves possible to have one material influence another through time. Such a relationship can be foreseen, since the causal-resultant relationship phenomena occurred not only in time, but also with the aid of time. Therefore, in each process of nature, time can be extended or formed.
'The effect of the causal pole depends only on the distance (spacing). Repeated and careful measurements demonstrated that this effect diminishes, not inversely proportional to the square of the distance, as in the case of force fields, but inversely proportional to the first power of the distance...
'The results indicate that the nearer the system with the causal-resultant relationship the density of time actually changes... there occurs a thinning (rarefaction of time), while near the energy receiver its compaction takes place. The impression is gained that time is extended by a cause and, contrariwise, it becomes more advanced in that place where the effect is located.'

In other words, time condenses or accelerates at the effect. Kozyrev’s research also offers a straightforward explanation for the phenomenon of prophecy:

'The effect of time differs basically from the effect of force fields... The effect of the causal pole immediately creates two equal and opposite forces... there occurs a transmission, without momentum, and hence also without delivery... The transmission of energy without momentum (impulse) should... have the following very important property: Such a transmission should be instantaneous... Time in the universe is not propagated but appears simultaneously everywhere. On a time axis the entire universe is projected by one point. Therefore, the altered properties of a given second will appear everywhere at once, diminishing according to the law of inverse proportionality of the first power of distance... Such a possibility of the instantaneous transfer of information through time should not contradict the special theory of relativity --- in particular, the relativity of the concept of simultaneity. The fact is that the simultaneity of events through time is realized in that advantageous system of coordinates with which the source of these effects is associated.

'The possibility of communications through time will probably explain not only the features of biological relationships but also a number of puzzling phenomena of the physics of man. Perhaps intuitive knowledge is obtained specifically in this manner. It is quite likely that in this way are realized also the phenomena of telepathy: i.e., the transmission of thought over a distance. All these relationships are not shielded and hence have the property for the transmission of influence through time.'

Kozyrev also determined the speed of time: C2 = +700 km/second in a left-hand system. He also discovered several other properties and effects of time, including:

  • weight loss in gyroscopes (proportional to the weight and linear rate of rotation)

  • different speeds in the N and S hemispheres

  • a deflection of pendulums to the south

  • time-shielding by dextro-rotary organic molecules (sugar)

  • time-absorption by laevo-rotary molecules (turpentine)

  • time relaxation (inversely proportional to the square root of the body’s density), and rotation moment (55)

Physicist Frank J. Tipler has described a theoretical two-way time machine comprising a cylinder spinning at a rate of at least one-half the speed of light. Thus, a time-television could be built without great difficulty:

In 1936, van Stockum solved the Einstein equations for the gravitational field of a rapidly rotating cylinder. It is shown that it allows a closed time-like line to connect any two events in spacetime. This suggests that a finite, rotating cylinder would also act as a time machine, causing nontrivial causality violations --- time travel. (56)

13. Time Cameras ~

The Benedictine Father Marcello Pellegrino Ernetti (d. 1997) invented a method of recovering sound waves from the past and converting them into visual and acoustic reconstruction of history. Father Ernetti, a professor at the Venetian Benedetto Marcello Conservatory and Fondation Cini (and director of the Italian Conservatory of Religious Instruction for Men), accomplished his research in collaboration with 12 physicists who remain anonymous. In 1956, Father Ernetti began to investigate the possibility of reviewing the past with a television-like device. In 1957 he began collaborating with the Portuguese Professor de Matos, who was researching the same problem.

  • Fr. Ernetti’s theoretical approach was based on Aristotle’s concept of the disintegration of sound, according to which light and sound waves do not disappear after being produced, but are transformed in some way and remain present indefinitely. According to Ernetti, sound waves subdivide into harmonics that can be recovered with appropriate instruments.

  • Fr. Ernetti claimed that,

    • 'Every human being traces from birth to death a double furrow of light and sounds. This constitutes his individual identity mark. The same applies to an event, to music, to movement. The antennas used in our laboratory enable us to tune in to these furrows of picture or sound.'

  • Fr. Ernetti recovered 'photographs' of events such the Crucifixion of Christ, and reconstructed acoustic events such as Quintus Ennius’ tragedy Thyestes in the original Latin from a performance in 169 BC. He also claimed to have recovered the original text of the Ten Commandments given to Moses. However, he refused to reveal any details of his invention, and it has been suppressed by the Italian government. He warned that 'The machine can produce universal tragedy.'

  • In 1934, William D. Pelley, editor of Liberation magazine, reported on his experiments with a form of time-camera which he called 'Ultra-Vision', allegedly developed in collaboration with Thomas Edison and Steinmetz. The apparatus was confiscated by theFBI.

  • In 1912, Baron Ernst von Lubek published an account of his accounts with trans-time photography. His equipment included a cathode ray tube with lead and dysprosium electrodes, energized by an Oudin coil (a modified Tesla coil).

The Radionic Camera developed by George De La Warr was intended to detect disease by a suitable photographic method. It also is capable of photographing the past and the future. In the opinion of De La Warr,

'Time is a vector of the magnetic spectrum and that spectrum has a place in itself for events... There is a pre-physical world in which the camera might be expected to operate.'

14. Time & Mind ~
In 1982, architect Alton DeLong (Univ. of Tennessee) found that the smaller the scale of your environment, the faster your internal clock will run. DeLong tested the time-sense of volunteers who imagined themselves to be 'in' small-scale rooms used as architectural models, and found that people estimate the passage of time at a faster rate in proportion to the model scale of the room. People in a one-sixth scale room guessed that 30 minutes had passed after only 5 minutes actually had elapsed. Time seemed to pass 12 times as fast in one-twelfth scale rooms, and 20 times faster in one-twenty-fourth scale rooms. In an ordinary room, the subjects’ estimates of time closely approximated regular clock time.
The psychobiological nature of time changes with our age and mindset. In human society, the solar day defines our inherent sense of time. Psychological time consists of the continuation of metabolism between conception and death. True age is a functional organic state; tests of cellular reproduction rates have shown that aging proceeds much more rapidly in childhood than at the end of life. Thus, in terms of physiological time, infancy is very long and old age is very short. In terms of inner, psychological time, however, infancy seems to be very brief, while old age seems very long. Psychological time is mind observing its own motion through the series of its states. In youth, time flies; in middle age, time crawls; in old age, time runs out...
In a profound study of An Experiment With Time (1927), British aeronautical engineer and physicist William Dunne propounded a theory of time, called 'serialism'. His theory is based on experimental evidence of the 'displacement in time' that occurs in dreams, resulting in a mingling of both past and future images which are about equal in number. (57)
Perhaps someday we may achieve some form of control over the great energy of time, with predictable consequences that cannot be foreseen at this time.
The foresight of most prophets is atavistic, spontaneous, and often unwelcome. However, it is possible to develop and exercise one’s prophetic capabilities in a controlled manner. In his edifying book The Practice of Magical Evocation, the great German Hermetic adept Franz Bardon introduced several angelic intelligences who specialize in prophecy:

  • Eneki (22º Gemini)

  • Rimog (21º Leo)

  • Elipinon (23º Virgo)

  • Ugolog (25º Pisces)

Bardon also revealed select keys to release prophetic powers in his Key to the True Quabbalah. (58)
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15. The End?

Each of us successfully predicts the future many times daily and in many ways. The talent of prophecy, however, is atavistic in most people, and not very reliable. The most difficult past of a prophet’s task is to date the prediction.Nostradamus accurately dated more than a dozen of his quatrains with astrological configurations, but even some of his schedules were canceled. Very few other seers assign dates to their prophecies. Most prophecies are not time-specific in any case; rather, they represent conditions that will be reached at some time.
Perhaps it is sufficient for God to know and for people to heed the warning. Some prophecies certainly are conditional and can be canceled or averted if slackers amend their ways --- or else face 'merited disaster'.
Propheciesare open-ended and subject to revision or annulment --- until it is too late. We can avert some impending disasters, such as nuclear war. We can fulfill the prophetic promise of long-lasting peace on Earth. These dark times need the bright hope promised by many prophecies. The choice and the responsibility belong to us individually and collectively. In any event, pray for God’s Grace to preserve us from ourselves and our pretensive leaders.

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