Chief Architect System Requirements

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Chief Architect System Requirements

PC and Mac system requirements for Home Designer Pro, Architectural and Suite. Home Designer ® Software by Chief Architect. Job Title: Chief Architect. Location: Herndon, VA. Join our team dedicated to developing and executing innovative solutions in support of customer mission success. Responsibilities: Work directly with the user engagement team and product owners on functional requirements to develop key functionality to support combatant commands. In order to install and run Chief Architect X8 software, your computer system must meet the following minimum requirements:. Windows ® 10/8/7; Mac OS X ® v10.10 (Yosemite) or newer. How to become Chief Architect, and what are minimum requirements in South Africa: Do you what to know what it takes to become the best and skilled Chief Architect in South Africa? Well, it is a known fact that selecting a career path that you love may take weeks, months, or even years, and may even change during your career journey.


Chief Architect System Requirements

How can I find out what Graphics Controller or Video Card is in my computer and if it will work with Chief Architect products?


The latest versions of Chief Architect products work with dedicated video cards such as NVIDIA or AMD that are currently supported by the manufacturer, and with Gen 8/Broadwell or newer Intel integrated graphics chipsets. To view a complete list of Intel integrated graphics chipsets that Chief Architect is compatible with, please see article 'Supported Intel Graphics Chipsets' in the Related Articles section below.
The latest graphics driver is recommended for optimal performance.

Note: For more information on minimum system requirements, please see the appropriate resource for your product in the Related Articles section below.

To find your graphics card in Windows

  1. Press the following keys on your keyboard at the same time: Windows+R.
  2. In the Run dialog that appears, type: dxdiag , then click OK.

    Additionally, you can type dxdiag in Windows Search. For more information on accessing this utility in this manner, please see the following Microsoft resource: Open and run DxDiag.exe

  3. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool dialog will appear. On the Display tab, the video card that is in use will display under the Device section, while the driver information will appear under the Drivers section.
  4. If your computer has more than one video card, the video card that is not in use may display on the Render tab.

If you're experiencing a video card related error message or are unable to generate optimal 3D camera views, it's possible that your video card is not supported or the display driver installed is in need of an update. Please ensure that your video card meets our minimum system requirements and proceed to follow the steps in the appropriate troubleshooting article linked in the Related Articles section below.

To find your graphics card in macOS

  1. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to expand the menu.
  2. Click on About This Mac.

  3. Next to Graphics, you will see the graphics card(s) listed. In some instances, a Mac may have two graphics cards as shown in the image below.

If you're experiencing a video card related error message or are unable to generate optimal 3D camera views, it's possible that your video card is not supported or the display driver installed on your system is in need of an update. Please ensure that you video card meets our minimum system requirements and proceed to follow the steps in the appropriate troubleshooting article linked in the Related Articles section below.

System architects are instrumental in building both computer software and hardware systems.

System Architect Job Description Example

What Does a System Architect Do?

System architects are IT professionals who design and develop the structure of computerized systems to meet the needs and expectations of the end user.

Their job description entails defining system components according to suitable cost-benefit specification, viable technology, and user domain of experience.

System architects usually partition large computer systems into subsystems which can be easily handled by individual engineers.

They design the overall system layout and interface for the management of system information.

They are also responsible for the integration of subsystems and system components.

As part of their responsibilities, system architects build and maintain computer software and hardware systems; they also may be responsible for the installation of computer and networking systems.

Usually, system architects configure and operate an organization’s network system to improve on an existing structure.

They divide computer systems into subsystems according to user requirements to ensure minimal communication between system partitions.

They also ensure consistent, correct and operationally defined requirements.

System architects liaise with design and implementation engineers to develop and implement design concepts which are in accordance with fundamental user requirements.

They conduct usability tests to verify user experience and ensure all high level requirements are met.

They also develop prototypes and user guides to keep end users up-to-date on system functions.

In fulfilling their role, system architects prepare cost estimates for a system design; they outline the components required in building a new computerized system.

They maintain proper record of design operations and step decisions taken. They also update chief architects on the progress of a system design and integration.

As part of their duties, system architects conduct analysis to determine ways to utilize commercial off-the-shelf components in minimizing the cost requirements of a system design.

System requirements for chief architect

They explain the structure of a system and assist developers and hardware engineers in building a proposed system or network.

Their work description also entails conducting tests to ensure a computer system meets set security and quality standards.

System architects proffer recommendations to organizations on strategies necessary for an efficient IT structure.

They also ensure architectural products are properly maintained.

The system architect job requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, information management systems, or in other related disciplines.

Qualities needed to succeed on the job include programming, problem-solving, and planning skills.

System Architect Job Description Example/Template

The job description example shown below gives the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that define the work of system architects in most firms:

  • Divide large computer systems into partition to allow for easy management by individual engineers
  • Interface with implementation and design engineers to handle problems with design concepts or implementation
  • Develop sketches, user guides and models to keep end users and system engineers up-to-date on system structure
  • Allocate all foreseeable requirements into partitions to ensure minimal communication between subsystems
  • Conduct surveys to obtain information regarding client needs and user domain experience
  • Plan the structure of a system considering user requirements and cost-benefit scale
  • Present system layout to clients for confirmation before design and implementation
  • Liaise with developers and hardware engineers to develop an effective system structure
  • Conduct acceptance tests to verify if a system is in accordance with fundamental user requirements
  • Modify new or already existing system structure to improve efficiency as well as meet client needs
  • Maintain accurate records of design operations and steps taken during the structuring of a system
  • Update project managers and chief architects on the progress of a design
  • Conduct research to determine the effectiveness of off-the-shelf products in building a new system
  • Proffer recommendations to clients on ways to ensure an efficient information technology structure
  • Maintain architectural products and systems to ensure they remain efficient.

System Architect Resume Preparation

Are you writing a resume for the job of system architect? If so, then the listed duties in the sample job description above can be useful in completing the work experience section of your resume.

The job experience section of the resume provides an opportunity to show employers the functions of the position that you have earlier carried out.

This will assure them that you will be able to effectively perform the responsibilities of the role even without supervision, since you have shown that you have done it before.

Therefore, if you have worked previously as a system architect, you can easily create the work experience part of your resume by using the above highlighted duties and responsibilities of the position, with modification where necessary.

Requirements-Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for System Architect Job

If you are aspiring to work as a system architect, here are the major requirements you will need to have to be able to access the job and succeed in the career:

  • Education and Training: To become a system architect, you require a Bachelor’s degree in information management systems, computer science, computer engineering, or in a related discipline. About 2-7 years of experience in IT administration is also required for the system architect position. Professional certifications from recognized IT institutions serves to increase job prospects
  • Programming Skills: System architects are well versed in designing and developing computer and networking systems
  • Problem-solving Skills: System architects are adept at developing architectural systems which meet the needs/requirements of an organization or client
  • Planning Skills: System architects are skilled in organizing and planning architectural structures to meet cost-benefit specifications.

System Architect Skills for Resume

Chief Architect X10 System Requirements

Again, if you are preparing a resume for the system architect job, the above mentioned qualities can help in making an effective skills section.

By having and stating the above skills and qualities, which employers usually require for the system architect position, in your resume, you will be telling employers that you have what it takes to succeed as a system architect, and this will increase the strength of your resume to get you an interview.

Chief Architect 10


This post provides the major duties and responsibilities of system architects, which will help you to know more about what they do and to prepare for the career if this is a job you are interested in.

The sample job description also provided in this post can be applied by employers in making a suitable work description for use in hiring new system architects and assigning tasks to them.

Chief Architect System Requirements

Chief architect x10 system requirements

Chief Architect Minimum Requirements

Did you find this post useful in learning about what system architects do and the job description usually assigned to them? Please share your thought about this article in the comment box below.

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Chief Architect 2019

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Chief Architect Minimum System Requirements

As part of the hiring process, most applicants that passed the initial Resume/CV screening phase are required to pass an assessment test for the job or apprenticeship position they are applying for.

The goal of this phase is to determine if the candidate has the appropriate set of skills and qualities to excel on the job.

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