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Doom 4 Vanilla- @Noiser et al

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Doom 2, vanilla-compatible

Doom 4 Vanilla seems almost inevitable in retrospect. It is a purely vanilla-compatible Doom 2 gameplay mod, in the form of a PWAD and mandatory DeHackEd patch(es), that re-implements (de-makes?) a surprisingly comprehensive swath of Doom 2016 into Doom 1994's even more retro-FPS style. It is a masterpiece of design within incredibly strict limitations. It is basically perfect.

This was kind of fun actually. Hadn't really done iron sights myself. A good little test of my abilities, I must say.:3 The ZDoom wiki actually has a guide on how to convert DECORATE code to ZScript. It's mostly syntax differences, but I know from experience that syntax can trip people up. And by 'people' I mean 'me.' Adjusting Weapons for Iron Sights in NifSkope by PsyclopS ยป Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:12 pm 0 Replies 6024 Views. Elder Scroll Mods here I come! Fallout 3 shojo race mod head gear issue; Doom 3 2004 vanilla in 2019?

SteamDoom 3 Iron Sights Mod

Doom 3 Iron Sights Mods

DeHackEd, as a tool, occupied an odd niche. It draped a friendly GUI over a rudimentary binary executable patcher. Comparing it to the Game Genie is not entirely wrong. A major limitation to DeHackEd was that it could not create anything 'new' within the Doom engine. Everything was, quite literally, a remix. The user had access to precisely 966 animation frames, which is what Doom 2 used for its own animations; the player could reorder and reassign those frames, and tweak various numerical values, but the overall scope was limited to what the vanilla engine allowed.

In the pre-source code days, DeHackEd's broad and yet limited nature was, in my view, a boon to the Doom community. It let modders hack and remix the Doom gameplay variables, but kept them grounded. Anything modders made would be fundamentally 'Doomy,' but people nevertheless stretched what they had to the limit. An unintended consequence of this is that Doom gameplay mods were almost unheard of prior to the source port era. Insofar as DeHackEd was used for major endeavors, it was mostly confined to 'TCs' (total conversions), bookended by 1994's ALIENS TC and 1999's Batman Doom, which strained against the usual Doom gameplay rather than embracing it. There was no reason people couldn't have made gameplay mods in the 1990s... but beyond 'Kill Barney' style WADs, almost nobody thought to do it. It wasn't until the source port era of the 2000s, when limits receded, that the creative niche began to flourish.

Doom 4 Vanilla, then, is uncanny. It's a perfectly vanilla-compatible Doom WAD that could have been created in the 1990s; at the same time, it would have been impossible for it to have existed in the 1990s. Beyond its modern gameplay mod character, it includes every modern cross-port nicety you could ask for. Another core feature is the altered palette/colormap to create vanilla compatible brightmaps, which is not strictly new (Strife included colormap tricks) but which is done in an incredibly thorough and impressive manner. I have not even mentioned the incorporation of 'alternate loadouts' via DeHackEd sub-patches, which is a simple answer to a question nobody had thought to ask before.

The one fault I could possibly mention is Noiser's refusal to anticipate the future with Doom Eternal's reintroduction of the Pain Elemental. The current refashioning of the enemy into a Gore Nest, while clever, is perhaps too clever by half in turning the monster into a stationary noisy bullet sponge, disturbing the peace in any maps it inhabits. Restoring the PE to its rightful place in the menagerie would eliminate that pain point.

Perfect Doom 3 Mod

Doom 4 Vanilla harnesses all of the knowledge about gameplay modding, and all of the vanilla editing trickery, that has been accumulated in the decades since Doom's release. After 25 years of Doom 2 modding, it is the first of its kind, and it's hard to see how it could be topped.

Doom 3 Mods For Steam

- @Linguica

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