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Al Baik online home delivery is the best option if you are planning to throw a party for your friends and loved ones at home.

If you are a chicken lover, then Al Baik is the one-stop destination for the chicken dishes. Here you will have a variety of options to eat chicken and other words like a burger, chicken burger, beverages and many more delicious items available. There are different types of packages which you can order from your home just by calling. All the items will be delivered at your home by Al Baik online delivery. The Al Bail home delivery is serving its customers happily from the long time where you can order what you want.

BaikFried chicken al baik sayang

Al Baike Fried Chicken. 514 likes 100 were here. We cater to distinctive and wide range of appetizing foods in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. See 40 photos and 10 tips from 219 visitors to Al-Baik Chicken Restaurant. 'The spicy one is better than the original. But wasn't great either. Definitely not up to the hype from friends. Will stick to KFC or even the Texas Fried Chicken next door. Cuddle November 3, 2013. The fried chicken and garlic sauce was good.

The Vision and Values

The management at Al Baik believes in high-quality value services which they provide to their clients via Al Baik online delivery. It is part of their long-term vision. They are committed to providing high-quality services to the customers by serving fresh crispy chicken and dishes related to it with affordable price. Serving best of the best to the clients is their only mission which they are fulfilling with the help of Al Baik home delivery.

The best part is that all the dishes will be prepared with high hygiene to ensure the health of the client. During COVID -19, They have raised the bar for safety like every day after opening the kitchen they first sanitize the kitchen and equipment and also there is daily checking of chefs and staff. After ensuring all the safety measure, they prepared the dish. They are following all the safety measure in Al Baik online delivery also. So, there will be no risk if you order for the Al Baik home delivery.

The Benefits of Al Baik Online Delivery

There are several advantages of Al Baik online delivery which are as follow as-

  • It is the easiest way to make an order. Here you can order all the items which you want according to you and your guests.
  • All the delivery at your doorstep by following all the safety measures.
  • Their delivery process is fast, so there will be no issue of delay in food delivery.
  • Al Baik provides multiple options for payment, so it makes a straightforward payment process.
  • Best market price.
  • All the dishes prepared in a hygienic environment, so there will be not any health-related issues.
  • You can change your order in the meantime.
  • You can quickly increase or decrease the order quantity.
  • If you are a regular customer then time to time you will get the best offers just at your doorstep.

The Al Baik is serving chicken dishes from the long time, and they have a long list of satisfied customers. The Al Baik online delivery is the premium home delivery service so you can enjoy the food. No matter what occasion is it, you can order the food, and it will be at your home just in less time by Al Baik home delivery.

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Fried chicken al baik di
Albaik Food Systems Company S.A.
Founded1974; 46 years ago
FounderShakour AbuGhazalah (Palestinian-Saudi)
HeadquartersJeddah, Saudi Arabia
Key people
Ihsan AbuGhazalah, Chairman, Rami AbuGhazalah, CEO
ProductsQuick Service Food, including fried chicken, shrimp, and fish
An Albaik chicken meal with fries, soft drink and ice cream.

Albaik (Arabic: البيك‎, meaning Beyk, and stylized as ALBAIK) is a major fast food restaurant chain in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia that primarily sells broasted chicken and shrimp with a variety of sauces. It is one of the major consumers of chicken in Saudi Arabia.[1] The chain has more than 40 branches in Jeddah where it is headquartered: ten in Mecca, eight in Medina, two in Buraydah, one in Taif, one in Yanbu, one in Al Qunfudhah, one in Al-Lith, one in Al-Kharj, and one in Riyadh.[2] Recently, Albaik started expanding further into the central region of Saudi Arabia with two branches opened in Buraidah, and planning to open in Abha and further branches planned for the city, in addition to other main cities in the region.[3] This marked the first time the chain has expanded outside its main service area in Saudi Arabia's western provinces. Albaik was also introduced in Saudi Arabia's South Province, in the city of Jizan in 2016. As of 2019, Albaik is constructing its new branch in Al Baha.[4]



AlBaik Buraidah Al Qassim Branch

In September 1974, Shakkor AbuGhazalah, one of the founders of Albaik, renovated an old warehouse he was renting into Saudi Arabia's first pressure fried chicken restaurant and later opened it.[5] The restaurant was located on Old Airport Road in Jeddah.[6] Albaik was registered as a trademark in Saudi Arabia in 1986.

Al Baik Fried Chicken Near Me

The first Albaik restaurant was opened in Mecca in 1990. Albaik then began expansion by building three seasonal locations in Mina in 1998 and served pilgrims during Hajj. The company expanded to Medina in 2001. They introduced a limited menu food court concept named Albaik Express in 2002 in Diyafa Mall in Mecca. They opened the world's largest quick-service restaurant kitchen in Mina as a seasonal restaurant to serve pilgrims during Hajj in 2006. The same year, they opened a location in Yanbu City. In 2013, they opened their first express restaurant at a Sasco Petrol station on the highway road from Medina to Jeddah. Their first restaurant out of Hejaz was in Buraydah, Qaseem in 2015, expanding their customer's range. They opened their first branches in Jizan and Riyadh in the year 2016 and 2018 respectively. In 2019, they opened three branches in Dammam, Eastern Province, with the main one located in King Fahd International Airport and the other two in the Abdullah Fuad and Al Manar districts.

A 30,000 m2 (320,000 sq ft) food processing company was inaugurated for Aquat Food Industries - a sister company of Albaik and the main producer and supplier of its menu in 2000, effectively boosting their sales.


In 1996, the Young Scientist program was introduced as part of Albaik and Coca-Cola's corporate social responsibility commitment towards society in association with the Jeddah Science and Technology Center. The House Hero children's education and training program were firstly introduced in 2001. In 2005, 'Nazeeh & Wartan' - the Clean Up the World program for Saudi Arabia was introduced with Coca-Cola, in association with the United Nations Development Programme and Jeddah Science and Technology Center. The rate is around 12 riyals..that is 240 indian rupees


The 18 secret herbs and spices recipe was first developed in 1984. Variations of the Albaik chicken was first sold in 1994, with the addition of Harrag, a spicy variation of Albaik's chicken. Seafood was first included on the menu with the introduction of the jumbo shrimp in 1995 and the value shrimp in the following year. The chicken fillet nuggets were introduced in 1999, with its spicy counterpart releasing in 2000. Following the introduction of the fillet nuggets, the fillet nugget sandwiches were included on the menu in the year 2002, with both normal fillet nuggets and spicy fillet nuggets. Fish became a feature on the menu with the inclusion of the fish sandwich in 2005. Fish fillets and the Shrimp Sandwich were introduced a year later. The first fruity food item was introduced in 2006, with the addition of pineapple chunks. In 2014, they introduced their Big Sandwich. They introduced a low-calorie sandwich named Saj DeLite with its spicy counterpart, Lahaleebo, in 2016. The Tawook sandwich was included on the menu in 2017, with the addition of its spicy counterpart, Lahaleebo Tawook shortly after. Its most recent item was introduced in 2019, with it being a shawarma sandwich.[citation needed]

Al Baik Fried Chicken Jakarta

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