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Fall is just around the corner here in Boulder, and with it comes our next release of Google SketchUp (cue the bugling elk). The team's been working long hours through the summer on projects large and small. I'm proud to announce that Google SketchUp 7.1 is available today for you to download and install. Google SketchUp Pro is a simple but powerful tool for exploring and presenting your ideas in 3D. SketchUp Pro is everything traditional CAD software isn't - quick to learn and intuitive to use. Using SketchUp Pro, you can create 3D models, either by starting from scratch or by using existing data. Google SketchUp Pro 7.1.6860 See all Make 3D designs for a variety of purposes such as architecture and interior design, mechanical and civil engineering, video games, movies, etc. Points System. When you upload software to you get rewarded by points. For every field that is filled out correctly, points will be rewarded, some fields are optional but the more you provide the more you will get rewarded!

Google SketchUp Pro 7

Google Sketchup 7.1 Free Download

Google SketchUp Pro 7 is a suite of powerful features and applications for streamlining your professional 3D workflow.

SketchUp Pro 7: Create, modify and share 3D models

SketchUp Pro includes all the intuitive modeling, visualization and collaboration features of SketchUp 7. Google SketchUp is a tool for creating, editing and sharing 3D models. The SketchUp 'secret sauce' is a unique set of powerful tools that are designed to be easy to learn and use.

Advanced Features in SketchUp 7 and Layout 2

♦ Edges and Faces: That’s all there is to it
♦ Push/Pull: Quickly go from 2D to 3D
♦ Accurate measurements: Work with precision
♦ Follow Me: Create complex extrusions and lathed forms
♦ Groups and Components: Build smarter models
♦ Shadows: Perform shade studies and add realism
♦ Dimensions and Labels: Add information to your designs
♦ Look Around and Walk: Explore your creations firsthand
♦ 3D Warehouse: Find models of almost anything you need
♦ Import images: Paint walls with photos
SketchUp Pro 7 SketchUp Pro7
SketchUp Pro 7 Model SketchUp Pro 7 Model

Google SketchUp Pro 7 includes Layout, a tool for creating presentations, design documents and simple construction drawings from your SketchUp models. Layout 2.1, we've added a powerful dimensioning tool. Easily create scaled, dimensioned orthographic, isometric and perspective views of your SketchUp models.

SketchUp Pro 7, you can import and export files in a number of 2D and 3D formats, including DXF, Drawing, 3DS, OBJ, XSI, EPS, PDF and more.

Google SketchUp Pro 7 is licenses single users for Windows (XP and Vista) or for Mac OS X (10.4+). Google SketchUp Pro 7 available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

SketchUp Pro will NOT work on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000 - please do not install SketchUp on these operating systems.

Google SketchUp Pro 7 is a suite of powerful features and applications for design and engineering professionals. Download a trial and get all the extra power of Google SketchUp Pro 7 for eight hours of unlimited use.

Download Google SketchUp Pro 7-

SketchUp Pro layout 2 is faster, reliable and includes vector rendering, improved text handling and more. SketchUp Pro power users can also create Dynamic Components.

Learn more at Google SketchUp Pro 7 see video:

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Google SketchUp 7.1.6087 Change Log

+ SketchUp:
# Selection/inferencing
* Selecting and inferencing could seem less precise. It was sometimes necessary to zoom in more in the original release of SketchUp 7.1 than in previous versions of SketchUp, and SketchUp could feel less snappy. Selection and inferencing now feel accurate and snappy again.
* The intersection inference of two faces was not always found unless x-ray mode was turned on. Intersection inferences should be available again in this case.
* Text and section planes were sometimes not selected. When opening some models with text on different layers, text and section planes sometimes could no longer be selected until SketchUp was reopened. This issue has been fixed and text and section planes should always be able to be selected.
* When drawing a line from edge to edge in one of the axis directions, you could see an 'intersection' inference when you should see an 'on edge' inference. This issue has been fixed.
* Finite guides could be incorrectly selected. Finite guides created via Ruby were previously selected as if they were infinite guides - i.e. if you picked a point parallel to the guide or did a crossing select in that same area, the guide was incorrectly selected. These guides should now be selected only if they are directly picked.
# Display
* When editing a component and selecting a component within it, instances of that component were incorrectly highlighted if the 'hide similar components' setting was checked. Instances are no longer highlighted in this case.
* Text or dimensions added to an intersection were drawn incorrectly. Text or dimensions added to intersections would previously be drawn at the origin. They should now draw where they are placed.
* Section planes sometimes appeared triangulated. When a section plane was placed directly on certain slanted surfaces, it displayed triangular faces. Section planes should no longer appear triangulated.
# Collada
* Hidden geometry within groups was incorrectly exported to Google Earth. Previously, hidden geometry within a group or component was visible in Google Earth when the model was exported to Google Earth. This issue has been fixed.
* Component or group names were not exported. The Collada exporter previously did not preserve component or group names. The DAE exporter now remembers these names.
* KMZs created by earlier versions of SketchUp were not always imported correctly. Simple opaque colors in KMZs created in older versions of SketchUp would import as transparent. This issue has been fixed.
* Placing a model twice resulted in multiple temporary places in Google Earth. When placing a model in Google Earth multiple times, the temporary place in Google Earth was not overwritten and a new temporary place was created. The temporary place should now be overwritten.
# Other
* Not always prompted to save model after uploading a component. When opening a model and uploading a component to the 3D Warehouse, SketchUp didn't always prompt the user to save the model. Saving the model is necessary after an upload in order to uniquely identify the component to the 3D Warehouse. This issue has been fixed.
* Links in Photo Texture failed to start a new browser instance. When clicking on the links in the License agreement for the Photo Texture feature, SketchUp didn't start a new browser instance making it confusing to return to the agreement. This issue has been fixed.
* Needed a way to test the origin of polygons. A Ruby method (Sketchup::Curve.is_polygon?) for testing if polygons were made with the Circle or Polygon tool has now been added.
+ LayOut:
# Crashes
* Crashing when moving models or lines. In certain scenarios, a file could become corrupt, and LayOut would crash when attempting to move or rotate a specific entity in that file. LayOut should be able to handle those files without crashing now.
* Crashing when adding or sharing a layer. It was occasionally possible for a file's layer list to become corrupt. This could cause a crash when attempting to add or share a layer. New files should no longer get corrupted in this way, and older files that showed this problem should now work as expected.
* Crashing when copy/pasting an invalid text box. It was possible to create an invalid, empty text box using the Label tool. LayOut would then crash if that invalid text box was copied and pasted. LayOut no longer creates an invalid text box, and no longer crashes when the text is pasted.
* (Windows only) Crashing when opening certain files with Auto-Render on. It was possible to see a crash when opening certain files when the SketchUp Auto-Render setting was turned on. This crash should be fixed.
# Dimensions
* When creating a dimension that used Auto-Scale, the Dimension Style panel could show the wrong scale and Auto Scale setting. This has been fixed.
* When disconnecting a model-space dimension from its model, the Dimension Style panel didn't update to show that the dimension had been converted to paper-space. It now updates to show that Auto-Scale can be toggled on or off and that the scale is 1:1.
* It was possible to toggle the Auto-Scale button and chose a new scale while creating a model-space dimension, but neither of these settings actually affected that dimension. The Auto-Scale button is now disabled, and the scale will show 'No Scale.'
# Text
* (Windows only) When switching between open documents, the Text Style > List > Start At value of one document could be mistakenly used in another document. This has been fixed; the 'Start At' value is no longer carried from one file to another.
# Other
* Unchecking the Document Setup > Major Grid checkbox did not toggle the visibility of the major grid when points were used. This checkbox works with the point grid now.
* The 'Save As Version 1' setting could create files that LayOut 1 could not read. This would occur if the file contained dimensions or bulleted lists. This issue has been fixed. When saving a document as Version 1, dimensions are now removed from the file, and the bulleted lists are saved in a format that can be read by LayOut 1.
* If a SketchUp model used a clipping mask, it was possible to see snapping inferences to parts of the model that were clipped - and not visible. This has been fixed; LayOut should no longer snap to the geometry that is hidden by a clipping mask.
* On Machines that use international number formatting (where commas indicate the equivalent of US decimal points), it wasn't possible to create a line that was less than 1 pt wide. For instance, it wasn't possible to create a 0,35 pt line. This is fixed.
* Minor changes have been made to the default templates. There were a number of text boxes that contained kerning, which would cause a template to look different on Mac (which has kerning built into the native OS text system) and PC (which does not). The kerning has been removed from the text boxes.

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