How To Calculate Anna University Cgpa

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  1. How To Calculate Anna University Cgpa
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While the colleges which use the CGPA system calculate the GPA of the students too. Different colleges have different criteria for giving GPA to the students. The basic feature of the GPA and CGPA remains the same that GPA is for Grades obtained over a term and CGPA is. According to the formula of Anna University, the cgpa calculation has been made simple and accurate. Subject credit points are updated regularly. To know CGPA manual calculation - Anna University announce the results in the form of Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and most of the students are unaware about “How to Use Anna University CGPA Calculator”. So to help you out with this, we are providing the Formula to Calculate GPA Online along with other details on this page.

CGPA to Percentage conversion for Anna University Affiliated Colleges could be done using the below formula. This is used for the students who needs to do higher education.


Percentage = CGPA*10

Online cgpa calculator

For Example, if your CGPA is 9.23 then your Percentage is 92.


Note: This formula is applicable only for Anna University Affiliated College students.

To obtain certificate for this conversion kindly visit the Transcripts office located at Anna University, Chennai – CLICK HERE for more details to know about transcripts.

Cgpa calculator Regulation 2017 has been added in our mobile App only.

How To Calculate Anna University Cgpa

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Watch the below video to know how to calculate CGPA in Engineering - Anna university. Formula used for the calculation was mentioned by the board.

Anna university online CGPA calculator for ug, mba, mca and all departments.

Online Cgpa Calculator Anna University

This is the only online CGPA calculator which helps lateral entry students to calculate their CGPA easily, no need to remember the subject credits, grade points earned in each sememster. Calculate CGPA just by few clicks. Inbuild credits earned in semester for all major departments like CSE, ECE, EEE, Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical,Automobile, E&I, IT, Bio technology are available. Students comes under Anna university can calculate CGPA here without any problem.

Anna University cgpa Calculator

Cgpa To Percentage Converter

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