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M3U and M3U8 Export Tool

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Playlist file saved in a plain text format containing the names (and sometimes the physical location) of one or more media files, generally MP3 music files. A compatible media player will then play through the media files in the specified order found in the.M3U play-list file. The.M3U file only contains text and does not contain any media data. Help to convert text into secret codes, so that you can mail,chat and transfer text securely to prevent hacking. How to use: Step one - Open Endico 14 Step two - Decide what to do (Text Encode/Text Decode) Step three - If You Selected Text Encode - Then Type/Copy/Open.txt file to convert. Step four - Copy the converted text into clipboard.

Copy files denoted in an M3U playlist to any single location

v. 1.0 May 2014

M3U and M3U8 Export Tool is a Windows program designed to solve a step in the chain of actions required to make you a cheap DJ who plays music from a USB stick. It takes a Winamp playlist (or a playlist that you saved in some other, similar music player), finds the music files, and copies them to a single location such as a folder, USB stick, portable device, or network location. The copied files can keep their original form, or alternatively you can add numbers to the beginning of their names.

The input format of the playlist should be M3U or M3U8. It is better to save and use M3U8 format however, because it uses Unicode character encoding required to store filenames in different foreign languages.

Download M3U Export tool

Forum is available at

How To Convert Text To M3u

To use M3U Export Tool, you need to have Java installed on your computer.

M3U and M3U8 Export Tool is a free, open source program written in Java ( and licensed under the GNU Public License GPL version 3.

Author: Predrag L. Bokšić ([email protected])

Check out the similar, related tool that exports files denoted in an XSPF playlist, the XSPF Export Tool.

How to load m3u playlist from

save your playlist in #EXTM3U format on pastbin, then find raw button on page and press it. On browser address bar you will see ulr like this one:, copy this link and modify it to follow link ( add at the end of the url “/.m3u”). This method also will work if you have mobile web page with <a href>, xmtv player will load playlist from pastebin location.

How to build m3u playlist and video links format (rtmp,http,hls)

version RC5

Added support for ACE Streams

From version RC5 we support option for playing ace and torrent streams with ACEStream Engine.

Added support for electronic program guide EPG

– open EPG in XMLTV Format
– handle epg:// scheme and open XMTV Player EPG screen, sample epg://

Added support for channel logos

From version we support option for adding stream logo in .m3u file:

When used this option will add logo image in the streams list:
– in list view logo appears on the left side, before the stream name
– grid view logo appears on top of the stream name

For now from the upper example only tvg-logo option is supported, but we are working on implementing of all necessary options for EPG support.

Added support for hosted video

From version we added support for hosted video. Just put the links in your M3U in following format: #EXTINF:0,Channel Name Herehttphost://$http-raw=<iframe-source-URL-here>$http-refferer=<base-web-page-URL-here> where <iframe-source-URL-here> and <base-web-page-URL-here> are without triangle brackets.

Added support for additional stream sources

From version we added support for streams from Vimeo, Dailymotion and NowVideo. You can include links from them in your M3U list as follows: – Vimeo: #EXTINF:0,Channel Name Here – Dailymotion: #EXTINF:0,Channel Name Here – NowVideo: #EXTINF:0,Channel Name Here

Added custom option in .m3u play list

After version 2.0.6 on XMTV Player we added channel thumbnail and group options in EXTINF, here is example of use when you create your play list: #EXTINF:0,Channel Name #IMG:url or local file to tumbnail #GRP:name of channel group #IMG parameter thumbnail is must be url or local file to image with max resolution of 72×72 px. Example: #EXTINF:-1,TRT 1 Azeri server nassat #IMG:×72.png #GRP:TURK #EXTINF:-1,TRT 1 Canlitv server nassat #IMG:file:///storage/emulated/0/video/eusport.png What is .m3u file

An M3U file is a plain text file that specifies the locations of one or more media files. The file is saved with the “M3U” or “m3u” filename extension.

File header. Must be the first line of the file.#EXTM3U
Track information, including runtime and title.

Sample m3u file, create test.m3u and add content below:
Test and convert M3U List

You can use online utility for SimpleTV to test and convert playlist for XMTV Player

Saving and uploading

Save your file with .m3u extension and copy it to your phone storage, open file from some file browser or open XMTV Player and navigate to your folder where you put m3u file. How to find streams There is a many communities which share live streams just google them for following keywords extinf iptv , you can test stream URL with VLC or SimpleTV on PC to be sure that they are working.

Channels List in M3U format including Borpas IP-TV Player parameters
Channels List in M3U format including Borpas IP-TV Player parameters
Channels List in M3U format by one string
.m3u file syntax

HTTP Live Streaming

Simple HTTP URLs

HTTP URLs with options different variants to pass them.

where the URL and parameters are separated by space, or


where $OPT comes after the URL and only parameters are separated by space


Changing user agent on http connections



The X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header field is a de facto standard for identifying the originating IP address of a client connecting to a web server through an HTTP proxy or load balancer.


The HTTP referer is an HTTP header field that identifies the address of the webpage (i.e. the URI or IRI) that linked to the resource being requested. By checking the referrer, the server can see where the request originated.

MMS/RTSP Live Streaming

[rtsp][mms]://url to media content


rtmp://url – url path to RTMP Media Server

Complex RTMP

rtmp-rtmp://$OPT: options

rtmp://$OPT:rtmp-raw=rtmp:// playpath=ef18hollywood swfUrl= live=1 pageUrl= conn=S:OK live=1 token=SomeToken


url – URL of the web page in which the media was embedded. By default no value will be sent.

HowHow To Convert Text To M3u

URL of the SWF player for this media. This option replaces all three of the swfUrl, swfhash, and swfsize options. When this option is used, the SWF player is retrieved from the specified URL and the hash and size are computed automatically. Also the information is cached in a .swfinfo file in the user’s home directory, so that it doesn’t need to be retrieved and recalculated every time rtmpdump is run. The .swfinfo file records the URL, the time it was fetched, the modification timestamp of the SWF file, its size, and its hash. By default, the cached info will be used for 30 days before re-checking.


URL of the SWF player for the media. By default no value will be sent.


url – URL of the target stream. Defaults to rtmp[e]://host[:port]/app/playpath.


playpath – Overrides the playpath parsed from the RTMP URL. Sometimes the rtmpdump URL parser cannot determine the correct playpath automatically, so it must be given explicitly using this option.


(live=1,live=0)Specify that the media is a live stream. No resuming or seeking in live streams is possible.


app – Name of application to connect to on the RTMP server. Overrides the app in the RTMP URL. Sometimes the rtmpdump URL parser cannot determine the app name automatically, so it must be given explicitly using this option.

Zoom M3u File Convert To Mp4


type:data – Append arbitrary AMF data to the Connect message. The type must be B for Boolean, N for number, S for string, O for object, or Z for null. For Booleans the data must be either 0 or 1 for FALSE or TRUE, respectively. Likewise for Objects the data must be 0 or 1 to end or begin an object, respectively. Data items in subobjects may be named, by prefixing the type with ‘N’ and specifying the name before the value, e.g. NB:myFlag:1. This option may be used multiple times to construct arbitrary AMF sequences. E.g. Multiple conn params are allowed.


Convert Txt To M3u

version – Version of the Flash plugin used to run the SWF player. The default is “LNX 10,0,32,18″.

How To Convert Text File To M3u

Key for SecureToken response, used if the server requires SecureToken authentication.
weeb used by legacy servers. Invokes Authenticate method with token, username and password

How To Convert Text To Month


num – Set buffer time to num milliseconds. The default is 36000000.

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