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Hi, I am having a problem getting my Designjet 510/Jetdirect 600N to set up on my network. All works fine if I connect to PC via USB but would really like a network connection to allow me to position the plotter in the correct position in our new office. I have removed driver and re-installed. After downloading a Designjet print driver and extracting the files, use these steps to complete the driver installation through a network on a new printer. Note: The screenshots are intended to provide an example of the installation.


Having worked on nearly a thousand of Designjet 500 series printers,
I feel like HP is building walls not bridges to make them work.
Upgrading to the latest Windows version builds a wall. Downgrading builds a bridge.

I posted this service note on HPs Designjet forum. However it got deleted and I got banned.

Windows update kill switch regarding Designjet 500, Designjet 510, and Designjet 800 printers.

Hp Designjet 510 Installation Manual

If your printer is not communicating with your computer, you have received Microsofts Windows 10 update that has a bug in it.

There are several confirmed ways to reconnect.

1. Install a Windows Servicing Stack Update (see comment by Tony below).

2. Uninstall the buggy Windows update.

3. Install the universal HP GL/2 Driver.


To uninstalll it, do the following:

Go to Windows Update, click on 'View update history'
Find Windows Update KB4560960 and UNINSTALLED IT.
Reboot the computer.

You may want to try this build:


Hp designjet 510 manual

If that fails . . .

1. Install windows update KB4552925.


Reboot the computer. Now you have to load the following . . .

Hp Designjet 510 Support

2. Install windows update KB4567523


Reboot the computer.

Alternately, try downloading HPs Designjet Universal GL/2 driver.

Hp Designjet 510 Installation Guide

Contact me for the files.

Hp Designjet 510 Paper

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