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NOKIA E63 Flashing by using the Phoenix Service Software


If you have forgotten the security password for your device and there is no other way to perform the hard reset you should try uploading a new firmware on your NOKIA E63. That way you will restore the default password but also lose all data on your device. In the following tutorial we present step by step how to perform such an operation. Please be aware of the consequences and risks that may be result from this process.

Phoenix Service Software is a useful flashing which you may use on your NOKIAE63 when:

  • It is bricked - which means it is not starting up or it is stuck at some particular moment (eg. Nokia logo)
  • Your previous software/firmware update has somehow been interrupted and you cannot turn it on right now.
  • You cannot perform a hard reset operation.
  • Your device is in 'restart loop' (it is restarting over and over again)
  • The normal flashing is not possible on your device.

Remember a few things

DICTIONARY is the most useful software in any mobile. I had it in my Nokia N72, but my model was Symbian V 2.0. As you mentioned above that you want dictionary for Nokia E63, so we have to find which Symbian version is Nokia E63. Nokia E63 is a Symbian supported mobile which is 3rd generation of Symbian and the Symbian version of this mobile 3.

The battery in your device should be fully charged and the applications on your computer should be shut down. Always use the appropriate (and possibly the newest) firmware on your device. What is also VERY IMPORTANT to have in mind is that by performing these steps below you will loose your device's warrenty.

  • IMPORTANT TIP ONLY FOR UK ORANGE LOCKED NOKIA Some Orange UK Nokia codes may fail, if this is the case use +7# instead of +1# for the code to work. Nokia BB5 Models - with full keyboards (E5, E61 / E62 etc) 1. Insert a SIM Card not from the original network (IE one it's not locked to) 2. Turn on the handset - Undo request will display, press.
  • I have a nokia E63 running on firmware 200.21.012. Lately i had been facing problems with.sis and.sisx files. Whenever i click on the files to install them, the 'preparing installation' screen pops up for a brief second and dissappears and my phone behaves as if nothing had happened. Earlier i used to resolve the problem by a soft reset and then restoring the backed up data from my.

Important Tips:

Nokia e63 flash file; Nokia e63 flash tool; How to Flash Nokia E63:. Connect your mobile to the system using USB wire. Copy Nokia Best folder and paste in C drive. Now open a folder and create a shortcut for Best on dekstop. Paste folder Rm-437 into c:/program files/nokia. Open best.exe. Select RM-437 from the dropdown. Jatinder Vlog:- Singh Gaming:- Facebook page:- Hello Friends, es vid.

If you need to download a different firmware version for the NOKIA E63, you should look for the appropriate code in the section Product Codes. You can choose here the firmware that suits to your needs the best by choosing for example celluart network, country or navigation options.

Before using the Phoenix Software you should do the following things:

  1. Install the Nokia Care Suite.
  2. Read the product code
  3. Download Nokia’s firmware
Nokia e63 india

You can find detailed descriptions in theRemove Lock Code section.

How to flash NOKIA E63 ?

Install Server For Nokia E63
  1. Make sure your battery is charged and your firmware is appropriate.
  2. Afterwards dowload the Phoenix software. You can find it here: Phoenix_Service_Software
  3. Make sure you have the other equipment: USB cable for your phone, Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers, software files for your phone.
  4. For a precaution back up your files and take out any microSD cards.
  5. Connect your phone to your PC using the Micro USB cable. When your computer detects the new device, select the PC Suite or OVI Suite on your phone.
  6. Open Phoenix program and move the option 'No connections' to the USB which detects your phone.
  7. Now choose 'Open Product' and pick the type of your device (in the pictures below we will use RM-645). Finally confirm by clicking OK.
  8. Go to 'Flashing' and choose 'Firmware update'; find in 'product code' your desired code and click OK when asked to confirm.
  9. Plug in your dead device and click SW Reset or Refurbish.
  10. The firmware update instruction should pop up as soon as your computer sees your phone. If it does not happen, disconnect your device and press the Power button for a few seconds. As soon as you feel your phone vibrate, realese the power key and quickly connect it back again. You should be able to see the flashing start now.
  11. When you see a window confirming the successfull firmware updare, your device should restart.
  12. Afterwards you may remove the USB cable.
  13. If there is a another window on your screen - 'Flashing Completed' - there is a big chance your device's screen will show 'Local Mode', 'Test mode', 'Nokia logo'. You can switch it off by holding the Power button for a few seconds until you fell it vibrate. After restaring your phone, it should work now. However, if it does not, repeat the flashing process once again.

Install Server For Nokia E63 Windows 10

What if it does not work?

1. Make sure the software is the same or newer as it was before the flashing process (downgrade is not possible)

2. You can try performing it while your battery is not so charged (altough it is not commonly recommended).

3. Try reinstalling Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers (turn off any PC Suite or OVI Suite)

4. Try changing the USB port. DO NOT use any extention cords or hubs. It is very important to connect your device directly (in case of a stationary computer the best way is to connect it in the back).

Install Server For Nokia E63 Firmware

5. Finally, in case nothing else works, you may try installing softwares with many different product codes (not neccesserily only Polish ones). You can also try using Dead USB in JAF.

{{brand}} {{model}} Flashing by using the Phoenix Service Software

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