Male Castration Feminism

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The Femitheist is a 22-year-old criminology student with a three-year-old. One angry day in 2012 she took to the Internet to outline the brutal concept of International Castration Day.After. Most studies of castration in men have involved relatively short term experiences (usually men who had been castrated for less than a decade), but in the 20th century the effects of long term castration have been studied in three groups of men: the Skoptzy and the court eunuchs of the Chinese and Ottoman empires. Castration: Well, “castration” of a chemical kind. Docile and compliant dogs are the ideal that feminists aim for in their efforts to domesticate men. If all men are violent hooligans and rapists as some feminists claim, then the next logical step is to let the government control men’s testosterone levels to an “acceptable” level.

tration Experience

subject of castration came up. I mentioned I was turned on and intrigued by the idea of being castrated. She reveled that she had a long held secret desire to castrate me.

find any good reason why I should not be castrated. In fact we were both highly excited by the idea of a wife castrating her husband. I agreed that she could castrate me someday.

with a box of stuff she had gathered together. She then told me to get undressed. I asked her what she had planned.
She told me she was going to castrate me.

some towels. She put them on the bed and instructed me to lay down on them. Next I allowed her to tie my hands and feet to the bed. As I lie there she arranged things on her bed side table. Feeling a nervous excitement I looked over and saw the items that she had taken out of the box.
Included was a brand new Xacto knife still in its packaging.
A wave of fear came over me. Just a little while ago we were talking about a subject that excited both of us and now, less than two hours latter, here I am in imminent danger of losing my testicles.

Could we hold off on this for now. No she said as she bent down to plug in a small soldering iron. I had agreed to it and she had fantasised about castrating me for years and she was going to do it now.

soap and water, then alcohol which leaves a lingering burning sensation and finally iodine solution. My testicles tingle with a sense of their impending doom. As I try to reason with her she tells me to shut up.

the Xacto knife. I wince in pain as she pulls the bottom of my scrotum with one hand and slices it off with the knife.
I feel faint and funny as she secures and burns through the cord of first my little (right) and then my big (left) testicle with the soldering iron. The air is filled with the smoke and smell of burned flesh. Hold still she commands as she places a few dabs of super glue and band-aids to hold the cut ends of my empty scrotum together.

feel cold as she puts an ice bag against my groin. How does it feel to be a eunuch she asks? It hurts like hell I answer. Really, she says try delivering a baby.

take some advil for the pain. I also take some antibiotics we have in our medicine chest. Apart from walking a little funny for a few days I heel without any trouble.


home. It was a very painful and a rather bloody experience.
I am told that I was lucky to have not come down with a major life threatening infection. My sexual desire went from a very high level to non existent. I suffered from hot and cold flashes and mood swings. (To this day I often have phantom testicular pain and sometimes feel the bottom, missing, part of my scrotum is being pinched.) I finally went to my doctor who was alarmed at hearing my story.
Since then I have been receiving testosterone injections.

it is her proof of what a castrating bitch she really is.
She says she loves being serviced by her personal eunuch, and, since I started the testosterone therapy, for her sex has never been better.

Photos coming soon

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[email protected] wrote:
: In article <[email protected]>,
: [email protected] (Rich Payne) wrote:
: > Ed ([email protected]) wrote:
: >
: > : Initially [email protected] wrote:
: > : >I would like to talk with women who's partner is castrated,or women who
: wish
: > : >to have their man snipped.
Feminism: >
: > : Then [email protected] wrote:
: > : >The problem is your casual disregard for men, get a hysterectomy bitch,
: > : >the problem is yours. Castrate yourself.
: >
: > : And [email protected] wrote:
: > : >I'd be willing to bet she's one big fat ugly fucking cow who abuses her
: > : >husband watches talk shows eats Twinkies and smears peanut butter all over
: > : >her pussy so the dog will lick it off Get a life, cunt
: >
: > : Feeling a little vulnerable, guys?

Male Castration Feminism Videos

: >
: > : It seems that most men are defined by their testicles. Castration: a

Male Castration Feminism Definition

: > : fate worse than death.
: >
: > So when did you get voluntarily castrated Ed?
: >
: > Rich
: >
: > -- well _RICH_ I try very hard to look under the hatefull language

: the abusive words to see you and what you are really trying to tell all of
: us.

I'm just wondering if Ed practices what he preaches, where do you read hate
in that?

: You seem to be attacking me and not addressing what the topic

The topic has been addressed many times, you just refuse to respond.

Fact: Castration is not a form of birth control, it will not affect
your ability to get pregnant in the slightest.

: I do not
: hate men I love their strength and boldness.THEIR oppresion in some ways is
: far worst than that of women.I have not been raised to go out and KILL {IN
: WAR}and how that manifests itself in your day to day lives.

And how is that janet?

: women, feminist are not your enemy.

Yes, they are, feminists that is, by everything they say and do.

: is bad } { I wont use CASTRATION } why can't it be available .

Testicles are not ornaments janet, they do something important for men.
And just for your personal information, the female equlivalant to castration
(which is what you are discussing) would not be a hysterectomy, but the
removal of the ovaries. In fact, one of the meanings of castration is
removal of the ovaries.

n 1: surgical removal of the testes or ovaries (usually to
inhibit hormone secretion in cases of breast cancer in
women or prostate cancer in men); 'bilateral castration
results in sterilization'
2: neutering a male animal by removing the testicles [syn:

Notice the synomym.

Whculation E*mas`cu*la'tion, n.
1. The act of depriving of virility, or the state of being so
deprived; castration.

2. The act of depriving, or state of being deprived, of vigor
or strength; unmanly weakness.

There is a big difference between a hysterectomy and an removal of the

: so taboo? Why a fate worst than death?

I'm sure that Ed has had his testicles removed, considering his post.

: Why is it something that you think WOMEN
: do to MEN?

Read your first post stupid. Have you ever stopped to think before


Male Castration Feminism Video

Why the idiocy on your part? You can respond to the issues if you choose,
but you choose not too.

Male Castration Feminism Stories

: This world is still run by men.It is OK for women
: to be castrated, but not men,why?

Hey stupid, women are not castrated except by medical neccessity, what
is the medical necessity for your desire to castrate your mate? It will
ruin his sex life, I'd say he would be better off dumping you and
finding a woman who cares about him.

: I hear your anger and fear I am sorry
: that it feels that it is the women {ME} you need to attack.YOU know that you
: are not scared of me, so why the attack? WHO ARE YOU SCARED OF?


I'm afraid of idiots, and you keep proving time and time again that
you are an idiot. Everyone around idiots like you will get hurt.


: janet
: >

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