Mongoose Frame Numbers

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Mongoose Frame Numbers
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FoundedSeptember 1974; 46 years ago
Simi Valley, California, U.S.[1]
HeadquartersMadison, Wisconsin, U.S.
ProductsBicycle and Related Components
ParentDorel Industries
  • Mongoose® aluminum frame, 120 mm of travel, 27.5” wheels SR Suntour® XCR Air with hydrulic lockout and rebound adjustment X-Fusion O2 RL Air Spring with rebound adjustment and lockout.
  • Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Kids, Youth and Beginner-Level to Advanced Adult Riders, 20-Inch Wheels, Steel Frame, Multiple Colors 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,257 $237.60 $ 237.

The nation's leading cycling magazine, 'Bicycling', summed it up perfectly, 'The Mongoose All-Terrain, with its aggressive frame geometry and well matched components, is a sure and fast off-road handler. ' Men's [email protected] models are available in 19', 21 W and 22½' frame sizes. In fact look closely at many Mongoose and GT BMX’s from the around 2000 to 2010 and you’ll see many similarities in frame design and geometry. This is probably not true for all of the bikes in either range, but there were a number of bikes that were identical apart from the logo stamping.

A Mongoose head badge

Mongoose is a brand name of bicycles originally designed, manufactured, and sold by BMX Products, Inc. It is now available through the distributor Pacific Cycle.[2]


BMX Products, Inc.[edit]

Skip Hess started BMX Products, Inc. out of his home in Simi Valley, California in September 1974 with his first product being the famous Motomag One wheel. According to Hess, at its largest stage of expansion, BMX Products, Inc. employed about 85 people. In its early years Hess recalled that about 600 frames per day were produced at its Chatsworth, Los Angeles location.

RECO (Racer Engineering Company) was a wholly owned manufacturing division created for insurance purposes to be separate from BMX Products, Inc, even though RECO was always produced in-house. It was headed by Vice President of Manufacturing Hoppy Brooks, in his attempt to market motorcycle frames.

Post-BMX Products[edit]

Vintage Mongoose Frame


Mongoose was sold to American Group in 1985 and marketed by their Service Cycle subsidiary.


Bell Sports bought American Group in 1995 and sold Mongoose to Brunswick Outdoor Recreation Group in 1997.

Brunswick sold Mongoose to Pacific Cycle in 2000 and Pacific Cycle was bought by Montreal-based Dorel Industries in 2004. As of 2018, Mongoose models are available through Pacific Cycle in Madison, Wisconsin.[2]


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All bikes1all have unique serial numbers.

Finding a bicycle serial number

Most bicycles have their serial number engraved beneath their bottom bracket, but sometimes serial numbers are found in other places. Here are some examples of where and what to look for:

Mongoose Frame Numbers
  • The bottom bracket (where serial numbers are typically located) is circled.

  • A serial number on the underside of a bottom bracket.

  • Another serial number beneath the bottom bracket, aligned parallel to the frame.

  • Rad Power bikes have their serial number on the head tube. This is on the front of the bike.

  • Some Schwinn bicycles also have the unique identifying number (their serial number) on the head tube.

  • A serial number located on a rear dropout. Some BMX bikes and a few Schwinn bicycles place the serial on the rear dropout. On older Schwinns there are numbers stamped on both the drive side and non-drive side rear dropouts; the one on the non-drive side dropout is the serial number.

  • Some bikes have multiple serial numbers.2When adding a bike to the Index, it's best to enter all the groups of numbers and letters separated by spaces.

Hopefully you can find the serial number on the bicycle you're looking at - email [email protected] if you're having trouble.

Searching serials on Bike Index

Finding bicycles by serial number on Bike Index is a critical part of our functionality. When searching for a serial number, use our serial search bar - it's the second bar on our search form.

Mongoose Frame Id

We've done a few things to make it more likely that you'll find the bike you're looking for.

Vintage Mongoose Bmx Frames

  • Certain numbers and letters are difficult or impossible to distinguish between (e.g. 0 and O, S and 5). We treat all these numbers the same way - a search for 005LLL will match a bike with the serial OOS111.
  • We split bike serials up by spaces and store each separately. If you see multiple numbers on a bicycle - such as in the photo of the Look bike above - try searching for just one of the numbers at a time. Searching for eitherM4106I9CA1 or 200910427-2A will find the bike.
  • We do close serial matching - bikes with serial numbers that are close to the serial you entered are shown below the matching results under the heading 'Serial Numbers Close to...' - given a search of a serial number with a couple numbers/letters that are different or missing.
  • We do not currently do partial serial searches. If you search for 1234, you will only find bikes with serial numbers of 1234 and serials close to that - not a bike with serial number of 12345689.

Mongoose Title Frame

  1. Okay, fine, so maybe there are a few bikes without serial numbers, but this is rare and typical only on hand made bikes or really old bicycles.↩
  2. In this picture 200910427-2A is a manufacturer number and not a serial number. However, to make bikes as easy as possible to find, feel free to enter all numbers you encounter.↩
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