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1/7/2022by admin

~This post is made in partnership with Nixplay. Opinions and stories are my own.~

You will have to enter the serial number to complete the pairing process. After you have completed pairing, you will give some details about the frame (e.g., name, location, and time zone). Once that is done, the frame will appear under the My Frames section either on your mobile device or on the web interface. Page 6 NUMBER: Once your Cloud Frame is connected to WiFi and updated with the latest software, it will display a 16 Digit Serial Number that you will need to enter on the website in order to pair your Cloud Frame with its own Cloud Account. Page 7: Nixplay Cloud Account 3.1.ii ADDING PICTURES TO AN ALBUM 1.

Like most families, mine is all over the place. My siblings are scattered and our kids are growing older and moving out, some are starting families of their own. I can only imagine how it must feel to become an “empty nester” and watch from the sidelines as your children have children and those children have children of their own. I think that missing out on the memories of those you love, the feeling of being apart from their lives is awfully sad. For many of us there are a myriad list of social media sites to keep us in touch, but this doesn’t always apply to older people. That’s why I wanted to share with you Nixplay, a Cloud Photo Frame that I feel reaches between this gap and offers a new way for Grandparents to share in those moments.

I honestly believe this is one of the best products available for families that live at a distance from each other. Nixplay EDGE offers the ability to share photos from around the world directly to its frame. For example, our mom lives in Missouri and my sister lives in Washington. If my sister wanted to send her pictures of the kids she would have to send them to her phone where my mom would have to print them out or she would have to print them out herself and mail them. This doesn’t include the multiple frames that would be involved to showcase all the different photos. However, with Nixplay EDGE my sister can just email the pictures over or add them to the playlist via the Nixplay App and my mom doesn’t have to do anything. This also applies to videos!

  1. My husband uploaded the photos. It was easy to do. Firstly, you install the Nixplay app on your phone. Then you connect your photo frame onto Wi-Fi. You get a 16-digit serial number which you then link to your account. You can do it all online too, if you aren’t a fan of apps. We have had a digital photo frame once before.
  2. Aluratek is your one stop shop for all things WiFi digital photo frames. Download our effortless app and transfer photos virtually from anywhere in the world.

Imagine everyone in your family being able to send their favorite photos and videos to grandma and grandpa instantly!

Getting started is really simple and quick. I recommend that if you are going to gift this to someone who is not internet or tech savvy that you designate a member of the family to help as the account holder. This way they can help set it up and have it ready to go. Here’s how you get started.

The box comes with the remote control, the two pieces that come together as the frame holder, the power adapter, frame, instructions and a Welcome Card with stickers and information. You will want to put together the holder first, set up the frame and plug it in to get started.

You will need both the frame and the website for setup.

When your frame first becomes active it shows a serial number to be entered into your account. So the first thing to do is to go online to and choose Activate Frame. It will then have you setup a User Name and Password for your account.

Once you create your account it will ask you for the serial number on your frame. Once this is entered the frame will show a word. It could be any word, mine was Happiness. On the activation side of things it will ask you for this word. Type in the word and viola! Your frame is now paired.

Once you are all paired up, you have many options to add photos. You can go to Albums and connect your social media accounts and add friends and family so they can send their own photos as well. You can also designate which Playlist a person can add photos to and if they instantly showcase (or are manually added) in order to keep it organized.

Family can add photos via email or they can download the Nixplay App for iPhone and/or Android devices. This allows people to add captions to their favorite moments before sending them over!

The Nixplay EDGE is beautiful and comes in an 8in or 13in. The 8in is 4:3 High Definition Display while the 13in offers 16:9 HD Display (true 1080HD). The cloud frame also offers:

  • USB Drive/SD/SDHC Card Ports
  • Smart Hu-Motion Sensor (this allows the frame to auto-power on when someone is nearby)
  • 3.5mm Headphone imput
  • 2 x (1W) Stereo Speakers

The cloud frame supports JPG, JPEG and PNG images and the supported video format is H.264 HD 720p. The frame can be set vertically for Portrait or Horizontally for landscape style. Another neat thing about the Nixplay EDGE is the controller which allows you to remotely change aspects of the frame via infa-red sensors.

If you happen to lose your instruction sheet or would like a better look at how things are setup, check out the Nixplay EDGE page.

My little brother (the baby in our family) is getting married this weekend and this month my mom is going to become a great-grandma for the fourth time. There are a lot of special moments that I know she wouldn’t want to miss out on and that she’s afraid (like most grandparents) that she is missing out on way too many of them as it is. I’m pretty excited to give her this frame over the weekend so that everyone can wrap her in a little closer to the moments and she won’t have to feel so far away from us.

If you want to share your photos and thoughts with Nixplay, head over to their Facebook and/or @NixplayCloud.

Are you ready to connect your family?

Nixplay serial number

In my opinion, Nixplay is hands down the best digital picture frame currently available in the market. This is one of the very few digital frames, which go much deeper than just an appealing look. This lightweight photo frame comes in 3 different colors: peach copper, silver, and bronze.

Nixplay Features

Setting Up and Adding Pictures

The best part about Nixplay is how convenient the whole set-up process is. Once I plugged in the screen, I was taken to the home screen from where I was able to connect the device over a Wi-Fi connection. Next, I was shown a serial number which I could use to access my Nixplay account. There, I could see two different components: playlists and albums. First, I had to upload my desired images onto the albums section and next, I had to drag them into the playlist. This is how I was able to get them to the frame itself. Another great part is that the free Nixplay plan allows you to store up to 10GB of data! That means you can add several pictures and arrange them in different playlists, according to occasions, seasons or simply moods.

You don’t even need to be close to the frame itself. For instance, I was traveling through Europe when I uploaded pictures online and my family back at home in the U.S could still get real-time updates. From the playing duration to the transitioning style, you can customize it all. The frame can be used in both ways, horizontal and vertical. The images are displayed in HD at 1024 x 768 pixels. Apart from this, zooming and panning are also possible.

The power cable that comes along with the frame device could be doubled up to be used as a kickstand for support. The back side of the frame bulges out for some extra support.

Adding Captions

Sounds cool, no? Not just this but you can also add captions along with each of the images. Each caption can last up to 160 characters. You can decide whether you want the captions to be displayed when the images are being shown as a slideshow or not.

Duplicate Files

However, what impressed me the most was Nixplay’s ability to automatically detect duplicate images. We have all been through the struggle of manually searching and deleting duplicates files so we know how tiresome it gets. With Nixplay, one simply does not need to worry about wasting storage space since it will automatically notify the user about duplicates.

Image Requirements

Well, the size of the frame’s screen happens to be in a ratio of 4:3. If you want, you can simply crop all your photographs before uploading them online but I’m assuming that just like me, you would also not have enough time for that. In that case, you could upload them anyway. I did the same and it worked out for me just fine. The frame is compatible with PNG, JPG, and JPEG images.

How Do I Find My Nix Play Serial Number

NixPlay App

Another great thing about this device is that you can operate it with a smartphone app as well. The Nixplay app is available for both Android as well as iOS. Be it uploading pictures or simply turning on/off the device, the application will allow it all.

Other Essentials

Well, the frame does have a speaker. Even though one cannot upload videos to it yet, maybe the company will introduce a feature in the near future. The frame does have an ability to get regular automatic updates so there is definitely a chance for that to happen.

There are several other features that you can customize for yourself. For instance, you can decide if you want the current time to be displayed on a corner of your frame’s screen or not. This smart frame can also adjust its brightness automatically, as per the conditions of the surroundings. Not just this, but you could also link it up with your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook) or cloud accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox) and directly add photos from there.

You can also “add friends” to allow other people to share photos with you on your Nixplay Iris device and online account.

A USB adapter is also included in the initial purchase.

Nixplay Serial Number

Nixplay Premium

Nix Play Serial Number

A user can connect up to 5 devices on a single Nixplay account for free. The initial purchase also comes with 10GB of free storage. However, in case you want more storage space or want to add up more devices, you can upgrade to a paid Nixplay premium plan. With only $1.99 a month, you can obtain triple of the original cloud storage and add twice as many frames as before.


While there is not a lot that needs to be changed for this particular device, I just wish there was a way I could hang it to a wall or something.


Nixplay Iris is simply amazing and definitely better than the previous two versions. It will not only give your living space a unique touch but will also ensure that your guests have something to remember by. Otherwise, it is also a great gift you can bless your loved ones with. I won’t say that the prices are reasonable because yes, it is not very cheap but when you look at all the amazing features that this device offers, you could understand why the price is high. Overall, it is a 8.5/10 from my side. Try it now!

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