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Under the O&O ActivityMonitor you can specify the CPU when optimization should start and the maximum CPU that O&O Defrag may use. The O&O ActivityMonitor periodically determines degree of use of the CPU. It controls the performance demand of O&O Defrag during a defragmentation and adapts it to the current state. You can thereby work undisturbed while your system is being defragmented in the background. O&O Defrag offers many ways in which you can make your defragmentation even more effective and efficient. The default configurations are already optimized for most systems, which means you won’t normally have to make any changes here. You may, however, also adjust the tuning options yourself.

The settings are valid for recurring jobs and automatically run defragmentation processes, see Automatic Optimization. You have the possibility to specify further settings of the O&O ActivityMonitor for a specific job in the job dialogue.

System load

Here you can specify that O&O Defrag should not exceed the load of the processor by a certain value during a defragmentation. In addition, you have the possibility to specify that an automated optimization not be started if the target drive is in use or other programs are using a high level of CPU.

Program list

O&o defrag 21

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O&o Defrag 21

Here you can specify that automatic optimization should not be executed if certain programs are running simultaneously. These might be imaging programs, a virus scanner, or even games.


O&o Defrag 21 Professional

Jobs can also be scheduled to run only when the computer is connected to a main power source - something very useful when using notebooks.

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Tip: For notebooks we recommend enabling the option Cancel if computer runs on battery power.
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O&o Defrag 21 Professional Edition

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