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If you remember Pretty Ricky, then you may recall Spectular. Well, he was arrested at Disney World for a bad COVID joke gone wrong. The rapper of the group claimed he had coronavirus after faking a sneeze. Once the Disney employee asked him to step out of line, the Pretty Ricky member punched him. Pretty Ricky's Spectacular shares snippet of the R&B group's forthcoming single 'Body' five days before the Millennium Tour kicks off. For those that have been complaining about the current state.

Pretty Ricky first made their major-label debut back in 2005 with the gold-selling Bluestars album, featuring the “Grind With Me” and “Your Body” singles. After Pleasure P split with the band in 2007, he has since rejoined and now the quartet has a new song “Body” that has R&B Twitter excited about their long-awaited reunion album.

Pleasure P, Baby Blue Woaaaa, Spectacular, and Slickem are back in formation, delivering their sex-tinged vocals as they did over 15 years ago. The group dropped the singles “Puddles” and “Good Girlz” in 2015 and 2017 respectively as a little chatter of a new project was ongoing at the time.

With “Body,” Pretty Ricky has returned to the sound that got them some smash hits such as the forementioned drops, but also “On The Hotline” from the group’s 2007 Late Night Special album. The new single was released last week while the group is currently on a nationwide tour.

On Twitter, the group’s name was trending with fans discussing the new drop and reminiscing over Pretty Ricky’s earlier hits. We’ve got those comments below.

Your body pretty ricky

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Nah Pretty Ricky are making music again... and I am of age... 😭

— مَنْصُورة (@ZenLams) February 25, 2020


listening to the new Pretty Ricky song like

— કૃપા (@_k_d_p_) February 25, 2020


Me welcoming pretty Ricky back

— D (@Daeediddy) February 25, 2020


New Pretty Ricky music? Time to oil up the hips and knees.

— Nikie Red (@TheNikieRed) February 25, 2020

Pretty Ricky Body Download Mp3


Pretty Ricky made a comeback & actually killed it omg

— ⛄🎄 (@CaramlSoulSista) February 25, 2020


I was in the 5th grade listening to Pretty Ricky.....

— JUDY🍑 (@_BriannaLaShea) February 25, 2020


Pretty Ricky Body Download

Women: I’m so over Pretty Ricky
Pretty Ricky releases new music
Same Women:

— Brooklyn (@BrooklynBoyB) February 25, 2020


Me at 3am listening to Pretty Ricky

— Ree (@loveleeree1) February 25, 2020


Pretty Ricky is trending and for good reason. Their new song is 🔥 and reminds me of early 2000s all over again 😭

— Priscilla 💚 (@baeofalltrades) February 25, 2020


Pretty Ricky is trending and I can’t....but at the same time I can!! 15 yr old me in my room coming back like 😂

— Nunu A. (@nu_abu1) February 25, 2020


So Pretty Ricky released new music? Yall be careful now....or have babies, whateva! 🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂😂

— 🇹🇴Ta'ahine Samoa🇼🇸🇦🇸 (@TeineSamoa53) February 25, 2020


Aye I might fuck around and make a baby to this new pretty ricky lmaoo

— Fupa Lover 😈♎️ (@YaBoii_Jwoods) February 25, 2020



Pretty Ricky got me like

Pretty ricky body mp3 download— Immature Dad (@xvweraspo) February 25, 2020


Pretty Ricky: “I'm murkin' that thang, still strokin' that thang
It's just a G'-thang.”
12 year old me:

Pretty Ricky Video Songs

— Tremaine™️ (@_TreyPye_) February 25, 2020
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