Reggae Drum Loops Free Download

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Reggae Drum Loops Free Download
  1. Reggae Drum Loops Free Download
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Inject some dub into your tracks with this Reggae Drum Loops Mega Pack. This Mega Pack bundles together two HOT reggae drum loop sample packs into a massive 700 Mb download, ready to be loaded into your DAW to make some killer reggae drum tracks.

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Reggae Drum Loops That Are Rocksteady

What’s special about these reggae drum loops is the perfect blend of sequenced drum grooves with live acoustic performances to create a modern sounding hybrid of reggae drums and fills.

With heavily filtered dub style delays and plenty of grooves that feature rim shots and side stick, this Mega Pack is all you need to produce some wild drum tracks for Ska and reggae. For this Mega Pack we combined ‘Rocksteady Reggae V1‘ and ‘Rocksteady Reggae V2‘ to deliver 295 awesome reggae drum loops.

The two sample packs featured in this Mega Pack bundle are:

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  • Rocksteady Reggae V1 (340 Mb)
  • Rocksteady Reggae V2 (360 Mb)

Here’s what you get with ‘Rocksteady Reggae Mega Pack’

  • 295 Loops in (Acidized) WAV file format.
  • 295 Apple Loops for Garageband and Logic
  • 295 Rex2 files for Reason
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These samples range in tempo from 65 bpm to 128 bpm so there’s plenty of scope for tempo adjustment. As always this mega pack includes the sounds in multiple file formats. WAV files, Rex2 and Apple Loops formats are all included with this product and can be downloaded immediately after ordering.

Download this Mega Pack today and breath new life to your reggae and Ska beats.

What is a Mega Pack?

A Mega Pack is where we bundle together two or more popular loop packs and then offer them at a reduced price. If you’re prolific user of high quality drum loops this will be the best option for you as it gives you more bang for your buck as well as plenty of material for your drum tracks right when you need it the most.

Tempos:65 to 129 Bpm
Total Size:700 MB
Total Loops:295
Formats:WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2

Need Even more Rock Drum Loops?

If our selection isn’t enough to satisfy your demands, head over to our partners Platinumloops and take a listen to their blistering selection of live rock drum sample packs.

This kit contains 150 top original quality Reggae Drum Fills. As i usually say that you need drums, rolls, fills and sounds like this to get inspired and spice up your productions to sound top notch.

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Reggae drum loops and samples free download

These sound really good.

November 20th, 2020

hello, im a beginner producer actually im 15years old, i decide to start making reggae beats so i hope your free pack could help for me.

November 23rd, 2020

Reggae Drum Loops Free Download

Baba 🙌🏽 you too much abeg we need more like you

November 30th, 2020 Reggae Drum Loops Free Download

Thanks brother lol, we are plenty like this lol

Free Reggae Music Download Sites

November 30th, 2020
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