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Russia continues to build alliances with Middle Eastern nations. Sudan (Cush) and Iran (Persia) are strong allies. The Muslim nations of Central Asia also are developing ties with Iran, Russia and Turkey. The hatred for Israel by the Middle Eastern Muslim nations continues to boil. It is not too difficult to imagine the nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38:1-7 coming together under Russian leadership to mount a furious attack against Israel. And who are the nations that object to and oppose Russia in Ezekiel? Exactly the ones we would expect from the present day political situation: the Western Powers as described by TARSHISH and her young lions (cubs).

But there is also an Eastern Power named that objects to the Russian Invasion: SHEBA and DEDAN. These were ancient names for the land we know today as Arabia, especially Saudi Arabia, showing that at least some of the Arab states will not favour Russia’s presence in the Middle East. What is the one Middle Eastern nation that is allied with the West, unlike the other Islamic nations in the region (even though she exports and funds the spread of extreme Wahabi Islam world-wide). The obvious answer is Saudi Arabia, ancient Sheba and Dedan! The USA and NATO use bases in Saudi Arabia to monitor the entire Persian Gulf area.

Again we see that the exact alignment of nations predicted in Ezekiel 38 is in place today. The USA, Western Europe (Tarshish) and Saudi Arabia (Sheba and Dedan) are allied today, just as portrayed in the Prophecy, while Russia, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and most of the other nations of the Middle East and Persian Gulf are aligned against the West, again just as prophesied in Ezekiel 38.

Bengali Translation: Neaz Morshed (Sheba prokashoni) Book Format: Portable Document File (pdf) Book Page:114 pages (double) Download File Size: 6.95 Megabytes Book Courtesy: boirboi.blogspot Download Link1: Download Link2: Mediafire download link. The economy of the land of Sheba was based on a caravan trade in spices and precious stones as well as on agriculture (cereals such as millet, barley and oats, and seeds such as cumin and sesame) and commerce. Van Beek (in his essay The Land of Sheba from Solomon and Sheba edited by James B. Pritchard) tells of the.

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Firey Esho is a romantic novel which is written by Golam Mowla Nayem. Golam Mowla Naeem is popular bengali writer. He is famous for his Western and Sheba Prokashoni Writings. Popular books of Golam Mowla Nayem are Firey Esho, Astana, Dabdaaho, Atat, Bipottin, Nilimay Megh etc. Download Goalm Mowla Nayeem Romantic and Bangla Novel Books in pdf and Read Firey Esho by Golam Mowla Nayem .

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