Ti 84 Games Pokemon

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Games for TI-83, TI-84+, and TI-NSpire Graphing Calculators

Get These 17 Awesome TI 84 Calculator Games Today! Want to download games onto your TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator? Want to surf, play Smash Bros., Happy Wheels, the Fantastic Four, and a whole bunch of other games? We have got you covered. Klondike Lua is a solitaire game for the TI. I'm looking for Pokemon games for the TI-84 Plus CE. I already saw the text-based one and I'm not interested. I'm looking for a genuine Pokemon game, like Red or Blue.

Bored on the bus? Here is a collection of games and programs that will run on your calculator. Download games for TI-83, TI-83+, TI-84+, TI-89 Titanium, Voyage 200, and TI NSpire graphing calculators.

All the best games for the TI-84 Plus CE Calculator. Our library includes Mario, Flappy Bird, Geometry Dash, Tetris, Pacman and more! TI83/84 Zoommath Apps. Top TI-Nspire Games & Spiele for Download. Checkers, Bomberman, Maze 3D, Minecraft 2D, Minesweeper, PacMan, Snake, Pokemon, etc; Youtube. Kirby Ti Land Port/Remake Kirby Game coming to ti 84 Based on Ti 89 Kirby's ti land. Please read the readme file. 4 level grey Scale! Updated Kirby!:) knightdx.zip: 3k: 00-08-06: Knight Moves DX A remake of knight moves: koopattack.zip: 3k: 04-07-15: Koopa Attack!

Don’t know how to put the games on your calculator? Try looking at out Transferring Programs to the TI-83+ tutorial or our Transferring Programs to the TI-89 Titanium and TI-84+ tutorial.

Browse through the newest games below or scroll down to see the most popular games of all time. Looking for something specific? Feel free to use the search box on the right hand side of the screen.

Newest Downloads

Super Smash Bros. Open

The mega-hit Super Smash Bros. by Nintendo has been cloned and created for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ calculators. Don’t miss this fantastic port of the classic game. Play with your friends and link your calculators together with the TI Link Cable.


A simple Minesweeper clone for the TI NSpire. This game will only work on TI NSpire OS 3.0 or above.

Block Dude NSpire

The classic puzzle game for TI-83+ is now available for the TI NSpire, complete with grayscale graphics. Requires Ndless 1.1 or 1.7.

Top Downloads

Mario 2.0

Mario is one of the most recognized characters on the planet, which is why it is no wonder that Mario has been ported to almost every TI calculator out there. A fast paced, sidescrolling platform game, and one of the most popular games on the calculator. For the TI-83+ and TI-83 calculators.

Super Mario Land Level Pack

This is a large level pack for Mario 2.0 on the TI-83+. This set includes over 50 levels spread across 8 different worlds. The level pack is based of the Super Mario Land levels on the Gameboy.


One of the best clones of the popular game Tetris is now on TI Wizard! Includes many levels, different backgrounds while playing, and multiplayer competitions.

Super Smash Bros. Open

The mega-hit Super Smash Bros. by Nintendo has been cloned and created for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ calculators. Don’t miss this fantastic port of the classic game. Play with your friends and link your calculators together with the TI Link Cable.

Mirage OS 1.2

Mirage OS is a Flash Shell that allows for many different games to be run on your calculator. Mirage OS is the recommended shell for the TI-83+.

Fruit Ninja

That’s right– the popular fruit slashing game is now available on your calculator. Using an innovative control scheme, Fruit Ninja is a blast to play and a great way to impress your friends with your ninja skills.

Uncle Worm

Uncle Worm is a game similar to Nibbles, except your worm can travel in any direction. A great game to kill short amounts of time.


This is the best 3D shooter out there, and it is available for the TI-83 and TI-83+. You will need most of your memory to play Gemini, but it is a great game to show off.

Phantom Star

Phantom Star is a side-scrolling space shooter packed with powerups, enemies, and even external level support. A great game for shooter fans.

Phoenix 4.0

Phoenix 4 is a massive update to the popular space shooter Phoenix. Now featuing a score counter during gameplay, side scrolling (you can turn this off), and bug fixes, this is the best Phoenix update yet.

Advanced Racer

Advanced Racer is one of the best driving games on the calculators. It incorporates the driving style from the classic Gameboy games with reletively vivid graphics (for the calculator, at least). I would recommend you pick this up if you have some spare memory.


Ion is one of the most simple shells available. It features a simple list view, but it will run most games flawlessly. This is my number 1 choice for a shell on the TI-83.


Play the Minesweeper game on your calculator– in greyscale! Don’t settle for black and white Minesweeper clones. Use this graphical version which includes a cursor, timer, and more.

Block Dude

Block Dude is a puzzle game, where your objective is to get the Block Dude to the exit door. You do this by picking up and placing blocks, while trying to not trap yourself!


Desolate is a 4 level, flickerless, greyscale RPG (it has grey in it, not just black and white). Play through hours of a complex storyline, many enemies, and items that you can collect. All RPG fans– download this.


PlainJump is a literal platform game– keep your ball on the 3D platforms that are moving under you. If you fall, you lose. Includes a level editor for endless jumping.


Ever heard of the flash game Indestructo Tank by Armor Games? This is a near perfect clone, with all of the enemy types, a high score list, and more. I am also happy to announce that this game works on the TI-NSpire’s TI-84+ keypad.

Connect 4

The classic game of Connect 4, now for your calculator! In this version, however, you may change the rules to Connect 3, Connect 4, or Connect 5. You can also play by dropping the pieces, or in Tic-Tac-Toe mode.


Slimeball is a volleyball style game where you control a slime and aim to defeat your opponent slime. Play against an AI or a friend in this action-packed game.


If you have the space on your calculator, download this. If you don’t, make room. Acelgoyobis is one of the top games on the calculator, and is something you don’t see often– it is Pinball. I would recommend downloading this.


PuzzPack is a collection of the best puzzle games on the TI-83+ and TI-84+. It is packaged as a Flash Application, which means it only runs on the TI-83+ and TI-84+ (sorry regular TI-83 users!).

Fall Down

Falldown is an arcade game where your objective to is to keep the ball from touching the top of the screen. You can move the ball through the holes in the floors to let the ball fall down, but if you can’t get there in time…


Utilizing realistic physics, amazing graphics, and tournaments against AI players, this bowling game has it all. Compete against your own calculator and earn points to buy special bowling balls, shoes, or gloves to increase your accuracy or other statistics.

Asteroids v0.99

The classic game of asteroids, but with a second, enhanced mode of game play. Not only can you buy lives, but you can upgrade your ship as well! A must have download!

Tic Tac Toe

This version of Tic Tac Toe features an AI, and it will record how many times you win/lose. There is a slight bug, however, that occurs when you are using Mirage OS. You will need Ion to run this game.

Castlevania: Prelude to Chaos

Castlevania, Prelude to Chaos is a Gameboy style platform game where your objective is to travel through the four mansions in Transilvania and kill Dracula. This game features items, weapons, and many action-filled levels.

The Verdante Forest

The Verdante Forest is a great RPG. Featuring stunning graphics, good gameplay, and a great story, The Verdante Forest is a must play! The faith of the world will soon be decided. Two decades ago, a great evil came to Verdante, he goes by the name of Lord Arkaine. Everywhere he came, he spread hate, [...]

Maze 3D II

Maze 3D is a fantastic game in terms of visuals. The bricks look random, there are random cracks on the walls, and there are even mice! This is the ultimate challenge for maze lovers.


Joltima is a simple RPG that is very similar to Ultima Exodus and Dragon Warrior. While the graphics are not stunning, the game itself is fun to play.


Wizards is a clone of the card game “Magic: The Gathering”. It features very nice graphics, and decent gameplay. Wizards may not be exactly like the card game, but it sure does come close.

Phoenix 3.3

Phoenix is one of the top rated and most popular shooters on the calculator. This is a must have for any calculator owner.


Is your screen slanted? On some of the newer TI-83+ Silver Edition, TI-84+, and TI-84+ Silver Edition calculators the screens are cheaper and will cause problems with some games. Run this program from Mirage OS or using Asm(prgmALCDFIX) on the homescreen every time you reset your RAM, and the problem should be fixed. NOT for [...]

Lotus Turbo

Lotus Turbo Challenge takes racing to a whole new level on the TI-83+. A simulated 3D view, simple controls, and multiple courses make this game one of the best.


Egypt is a mutli-level puzzle game, where your objective is to clear all of the items on the screen by moving tiles so the items are side-by-side. This is very similar to Bubble Burst type games, and contains 100 challenging levels.

Crates 3D

Crates 3D is an amazing looking game. The graphics and 3D views are excellent, and the game play is very nice. If you really want to see what the TI-83 and TI-83+ can do, this is the game for you.


Solytare brings the classic card game to your TI-83+, with surprisingly simple controls and graphics. Despite the lack of fancy animations you may be used to when playing Solitare on your computer, the simple cards are very easy to read on the small screen.


Doom is here– now for the TI-89 Titanium, TI92+, and Voyage 200. Don’t miss out on this fantastic 3D shooter modeled off of the real Doom games. Powered by the FAT 3D engine, this game features a working Minimap, autoaiming, and customizable keys.

Block Dude NSpire

The classic puzzle game for TI-83+ is now available for the TI NSpire, complete with grayscale graphics. Requires Ndless 1.1 or 1.7.

Diamonds 2.0

Diamonds is the classic game of breakout with a slight modification– you control the ball.

Phoenix Level Set – Renegade

Renegade is a Phoenix 4.0 compatible levelset that increases the level of difficulty after each round, while allowing the user less stops in the shop. Send this file to your calculator, then run Phoenix. Phoenix will detect the levelset and show a menu to select the Renegade set.

PlainJump Levelset 1

This is a levelset containing 4 levels of different difficulties for the game Plain Jump.

Chu Chu Rocket

Chu Chu Rocket is almost exactly like the GBA game from Sega. Featuring over 2600 levels (yes, you read that right– 2600), and great graphics, this game is a must have. NOTE: Confusing controls for beginners, so READ the chuchu.txt file for instructions.

13 Ghosts

13 Ghosts is a suspense-filled 3D FPS, set in a mansion given to you by your uncle. This mysterious mansion is filled with secret creatures, never before seen by humans. Try and escape from this horror filled mansion– alive.


Calcwars is one of the best clones for the calculators, and looks exactly like Advanced Wars for the Gameboy. Play against an AI player in this turn based strategy game for calculator domination. A must download.

Phoenix Level Set – Jupiter

Jupiter is a levelset for the game Phoenix, which means that Phoenix 2.0 or greater is required to run this. When you have Phoenix and Jupiter on your calculator, just run Phoenix normally and a menu will popup asking which levelset you would like.

Future Phoenix

Future Phoenix is an altered version of Phoenix 3.3, featuring new ships, weapons, and a new Superfast mode for the elite Phoenix player.


A simple Minesweeper clone for the TI NSpire. This game will only work on TI NSpire OS 3.0 or above.

Dying Eyes

Dying Eyes is a non-linear, complex, and epic Role Playing Game for the TI-83+. This game has multiple endings, and is one of the best RPGs for the TI-83+. The story begins: “You are Kurai, a horrible murderer who ravaged the countryside. You got thrown in prison, and expected to rot there forever. The only [...]

Firetrack 2

Firetrack is back– this time, with two modes of game play. This vertical scrolling shooter features a detailed background, many enemies, and new powerups (in the Extended mode only). This is a recommened game for Phoenix fans.

PaRappa The Rapper

PaRappa The Rapper is a game of reflexes. Your goal is to try and complete the moves without messing up, or you will lose the level! Play through multiple levels that get harder and harder, and watch PaRappa The Rapper rap.

Crunchy OS

Crunchy OS is a very basic shell for the TI-83+, and is not recommened unless you need this shell for a certain game.


ZMercury is a side-scrolling, action packed shooter for the TI-83+, created by the same person who made Phoenix.


Anarchy is a space trading game, modeled off of “Elite“. In this game, you trade goods across the galaxy, all the while battling evil alien pirates. This game is worth the time to download.

Air Mission

Air Mission is a great looking game, where you try to fly your plane through 10 different missions. You fly as either a fighter plane or a transport plane, constantly bombing or dropping parachute equipped troops into battle.

Stigma 2

Stigma is a ball bearing game where your objective is to clear all of the dots by running into them. The only problem is, the floor is often slippery and hard to navigate. Try and beat all 25 default levels or use the level editor to create more!

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny

Ultima V is a classic RPG for the TI-89 Titanium. It features over 400 hours of game play, 31 weapons, 48 magic spells, and a day/night cycle. This is truly a fantastic RPG for the TI-89 Titanium.


In this remake of the classic arcade game Asteroids, you attempt to make your way through 21 levels of asteroid mayhem. Now, with bosses, intelligent enemy asteroids, and animation, Asteroids is more complex than ever.


Usgard is the best shell for the TI-85, containing all of the libraries to run any game for the TI-85. This has a desktop like interface.

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Ti 84 Plus Games Pokemon


Looking for some fun and free games to play on your TI-84 Plus CE or TI-84 Plus CE-T graphing calculator? You can download all of the best games below.

Need help downloading and installing these games? Try this: TI-84 Plus CE Games Tutorial.


The classic arcade game, now available for your CE! Features smooth graphics and gameplay.

Flappy Bird

From phones to calculators! Become a bird and jump to avoid the green pipes!

Geometry Dash

Jump and fly to avoid hitting obstacles! Comes with 3 levels from the original game!


A Mario-style platformer for the TI-84 Plus CE. Features/enemies from the original games.


A fast, fun take on the classic arcade game. 5 unique modes of gameplay for hours of fun!


Enjoy blasting through space at breakneck speeds all for the hope of cake in the end.

Donkey Kong

A recreation of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong for the Ti-84 Plus CE.

Ti 84 Calculator Pokemon


A high-performance shoot-em-up game in space. Full color, great graphics.


A fully featured minesweeper game right on your calculator!


Eat to grow, but don’t eat yourself! Highly customizable and easy to play.

Oregon Trail

Originally made for DOS-era PCs, this one-of-a-kind game is now available for calculators!

Snail Maze

A port of the Sega Master System classic originally released in 1986.


Smash blocks together, gain points, get the fabled 2048 block!


A breakout-like game for the TI-84 Plus CE in color.

Puzzle Frenzy

Puzzle Frenzy is a port of the classic TI-83/84+ version included in the PuzzlePack app.


1010! is a puzzle game, similar to Tetris, where you place tiles on a 10 by 10 grid.


You control a Space Cat named Carl, and you must get as many points as you can.


An extremely fast and intelligent checkers game, with different playable modes.


Move the ball left or right to make it fall as far down as possible for the highest score.

This is the Only Level

The elephant forgot the rest of the levels, but luckily he still has one left!


Chess on the TI-84+CE! Includes AI and different modes of playing.


The thumbnail says it all. A game about choice and interesting storylines.


Games On Ti 84

Boxes are falling from the ceiling and it’s your job to get to the top.

Spaze Invaders

The classic Space Invaders arcade game for TI-84+CE!


The timeless game of stacker. Play the classic arcade game in math class!

Color Switch

An adaptation of the Color Switch game for Smartphones.

Snowball Struggle

Shoot the snowballs before they hit you. Can you beat the included 17 levels?

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