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Uromatrix erec tech

In an ongoing effort to restore erections after my RC in January 2014, my urologist has recommended the daily 5mg Cialis and the Erec-Tech <uromatrix.com> vacuum therapy system. I've started the Cialis and I've looked through the website and the DVD for Erec-Tech. I wonder if any men in BCAN have used this Erec-Tech device, which on first glance appears somewhat cumbersome, as there other, seemingly more straightforward devices on the market. I wonder if these other devices are more toy than ED equipment? It seems the essential technology is to create a vacuum so the erect penis fills with blood, then use a ring to hold that blood in place until orgasm. Vacuum therapy seems like a possibility but I wonder if one is better than another? Erec-Tech says it's has Medicare/Insurance coverage. Any thoughts, experiences anyone willing to share? Thanks, Ben

Uromatrix Erec-tech


Uromatrix Medical Systems Erec Tech

Health Products For You: Home health care hospital products: Years of experience in healthcare industry. One of the largest online supplier of medical supplies & home medical equipment. Benefits of UroMatrix Battery Operated Vacuum Erection Device. Affixing rings to the tube is effortless with Easy Loader; Ring loading system is designed to easily affix the rings to the tube cylinder; Erec-Tech pumps come with vacuum seal cylinder inserts, allowing for a more comfortable and effective vacuum seal no matter the individual's.

Uromatrix erec-tech

Uromatrix Erec Tech

  1. BBB File Opened::: Years in Business:: 33: Business Started:: 4/14/1987: Business Started Locally::: Business Incorporated:: in GA, USA.
  2. DEMONSTRATION DVD. This 30-minute DVD shows step-by-step instructions for both the manual and battery vacuum therapy systems/penis pumps and the easy ring loader, as well as clips from the Pos-T-Vac infomercial and customer testimonials.
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