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1/7/2022by admin

UPDATE: I've discovered that having this software installed wreaks havoc on Windows 10's audio system, and makes Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos stop functioning. That's...a little frustrating?

Within a day of using the Waves NX software, I had decided to pay the 10 bucks to upgrade the 30 day free trial to the full version.

I had never heard about Waves NX before last week. My new Dell G5 gaming laptop, a computer that I will eventually get around to reviewing, came with the Waves MaxxAudioPro software, essentially a collection of EQ tools. In the corner of the 'dimension' tab was a small link to the Waves NX website.

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  1. Waves Audio is raising funds for WAVES Nx – 3D AUDIO ON ANY HEADPHONES on Kickstarter! Waves Nx is the first application to bring personalized 3D sound to any pair of headphones.
  2. Nx player free download - PUBG MOBILE - 2nd Anniversary, Chess Nx, Capture NX, and many more programs. Simplify Windows installer with different set-up themes. Waves Nx is a ground breaking.

Waves NX started out as a software package for audio professionals that wanted to have a speaker-like mixing experience on a pair of studio headphones, and they've since adapted it into the consumer version I'm reviewing today.

Okay okay but WHAT IS IT?

It's a true 3D audio solution that combines accurate virtual speaker placements with full 3D head tracking to sell the illusion to your brain and keep the speakers located correctly in the space around you, even when you move.


We turn our heads slightly when we're listening to something, often with little movements that we don't really notice. We shift slightly to hear an interesting detail, or to move our attention to a different part of the screen.

Waves Nx Free Download

And our brains expect the sound we're hearing to react to this movement.

With traditional headphone listening, and traditional virtual surround algorithms, the channels stay locked in place to our ears. The headphones mimic all the movements our head makes, since they're attached to our head. If you turn all the way to the side, the sound keeps coming from the same fixed points on your head.

This motion problem is the most difficult thing to get around in virtual surround, and it flattens/ruins the effect a little bit. Even if you're not consciously aware of it, the fact that the speakers are fixed in place to your head cheapens the effect for the audio processing centers in your brain.

It makes you aware that the surround isn't 'real.'

Waves NX fixes this problem with head tracking. It locates your head in 3D space, tracks the little movements that you make, and keeps the virtual speakers fixed in place by translating them around the virtual space to match your head movements. Suddenly, you've gone from having speakers fixed to your head to having 'living' speakers in a virtual 3D room.

It's very convincing!

By default, NX uses data from your webcam to track your head's location in full 3D. It doesn't just rotate the room around you for lateral movement, it translates the room in every direction, accounting for every possible tilt or vertical movement of your head. The webcam tracking is pretty good and depending on the buffer setting you use, the CPU hit is minor.

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Waves Complete v9 KEY FEATURES With Crack

– The new Torque is available separately as in Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show.

- audioTrack, Q10, L1: Fixed the crash when switching between the Legacy and Modern interfaces on touch screens.

- X-Noise: Fixed the crash in Logic Pro when changing buffer size while X-Noise is in the session.

- Waves Tune Real-Time: Fixed an issue under MultiRack where the scale might not change correctly while switching snapshots.

- Element 2: Fixed tempo values under Komplete Kontrol.

Waves Nx Free Download For Windows

- Codex and Element 2: Octave automation direction is no longer flipped.

- Waves Instruments: Controls no longer get stuck when moved quickly on Maschine or Komplete Kontrol.

– The new B360 Ambisonics Encoder is available separately as well as in the new 360 ° Ambisonics Tools.

– The new 360 ° Ambisonics Tools combo combining B360 Ambisonics Encoder, Nx Virtual Mix Room and the Nx Head Tracker.

Nx Downloads For Windows 10

– Nx Virtual Mix Room: Nx Ambisonics component added, for headphone monitoring of Ambisonics B-format.

– Nx Virtual Mix Room: Further optimization for improved sonic transparency, elevation and externalization.

– New release – VU Meter, now available as a single plugin. – Bass Slapper: Bug fixes.

- New release — Scheps Omni Channel, now available as a single plugin as well as in Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show.

- Fixed: Session/Scene load — some channels' parameters reset.

- Fixed: 'Recall Safe' not saved/loaded correctly.

- Fixed: Plugin/bus delay compensation not updated.

- Fixed: Scene data overwritten when flipping channels to stereo.

- Added: Matrix channels — Mono/Stereo toggle.

Waves Nx Free Download For Windows 8

- Added: Aux channels input — Select global source position (INP/PRE/PST/PSP).

Waves nx free download for windows xp

- Improved: Sessions/scenes loading time and recovery time.

- Improved: Stability and general performance.

Waves Nx Pc

- Improved: Controllers using Mackie protocol (i.e. Icon Platform, X-touch etc.) — stability and mapping.

Waves Nx Website

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Waves Nx Free Download For Windows


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