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GTA Online's JP counter has been a source of confusion for many players. This article provides an explanation of what JP is and the role it plays in GTA Online. After going free for a limited time. Game GTA abbreviation meaning defined here. What does GTA stand for in Game? Top GTA abbreviation related to Game: Go To Another game. After going free for a limited time in May 2020 on the Epic Games Store, GTA Online has seen a massive influx of new players on the streets of Los Santos. When completing their early criminal. JP Japan / 日本; KR Korea. But making movies isn’t what the company does for a living, so that would mean hiring someone else to do it. Grand Theft Auto, we wholly own and control it. The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database All trademarks/service marks referenced on this site are properties of their respective owners.


So, you want to buy a Yacht? A Fighter Jet? A Rhino Tank? A House in the Hills? A Super Car?

Whether you are brand new to GTAOnline or have been playing for years, everyone needs to know the best and fastest way to make money in Los Santos. I have compiled the ten best ways to make money, down to the minute, in GTA, regardless of rank, up to and including the Motorcycle Club update. To maximize your income, you are going to need to decide which to do and in which order, but if you really want to know the best combinations, I have added specific lists below for both veteran and new players, in groups or going solo. I highly recommend a combination of every option to maximise your profits. If you are a daily player, taking a half an hour out of your GTA life to complete your daily objectives is a serious moneymaker and undervalued way to make an extra million each month.

Ever since the Freemode Event Update, when you have five or more people in a private, crew or public lobby, every 12 minutes, the server will generate server wide challenges to compete in, such as Criminal Damage, longest wheelie, checkpoints, etc. Each challenge has a different number of people to trigger (Hunt the Beast requires 10 people). The top three participants wins money. However, very few people participate in these challenges when they are busy doing other things. So, it is relatively cheap and easy to win and/or make money just for participation. You can easily make a couple thousand bucks in a few seconds by completing a wheelie before the timer runs out or fall off a building, whatever, if no one else participates. Competing in the checkpoint challenges will give you a couple hundred bucks every time you get a checkpoint. Most importantly, it is an interesting way to spice up money making in the middle of a grind. See below Citation 8 VIP Timer Info.

There are 18 robbable stores dotted throughout Los Santos which you can rob for between $1,000 and $2,000 continuously, so long as you do not kill the clerk and you always wear a mask. On average, you can make $1,500 a minute.


This method requires 2-players, but if done correctly, you will be able to hit every store in San Andreas multiple times while barely taking any damage.
First, get a Three-Star Wanted Level. Next grab a police van. Have someone driving and someone in the back. BE SURE THAT THE DOORS ARE CLOSED! The police van is covered in armor and has bulletproof windows. If you back the van up to the doors of the liquor store leaving just enough space for your partner to open the doors and get out, you can hit every store in San Andreas, making an easy 15 grand at least. The hard part is losing your wanted level afterwards as the van is incredibly slow,” but just drive into the subway tunnels and you should be fine. See below Citation 1.

Sell a car every 48 minutes. Assuming you sell $9,000 Ballers, you can make $9,000 a minute, once every 48 minutes (GTA day). Buy a garage near a mod shop and fill it up with excess Ballers (9k) or Felons (9k) or Felon GTs (9.5k) or pre-modded cars (see below) If you are looking for specific ones and their value, here is a complicated guide to obtaining pre-modded cars to sell x – see below Citation 2.

  • Gang Tornado – Grove Street – Purple – $12,000
  • Sandking – Sandy Shores Mod Shop – $17,500 – 8:00 am
  • Sentinel XS – Hole in the Wall Liquors – Bright Yellow $14,975 or Blue $17,420 – after midnight

On average, completing daily objectives will take approximately 25 minutes, so your expected payout will be $1,000 per minute. However, if you include the weekly $100,000 bonus, this increases to $1,575 per minute. And, if you include the $500,000 monthly bonus, this increases to $2,200 per minute. If you need a capture to do quickly on the PS4 (also available in PS3 versions), you can use my Daily Objectives Captures specifically designed to complete in less than a minute –

Crate collection – On an easy mission, with a 6 minute completion time, you will make $3,000 a minute. At 12 minutes, you will make $1,500 a minute and at 18 minutes, you drop to $1,000 a minute. However, selling your crates in a full cooperative cartel server will give you a sales bonus of 1% per person in the server. See below Citation 4 – 1% bonus per person selling crates.

Pacific Standard setups on Hard pay $26,500 per 15 minutes or $1,766 per minute. One tip I saw, but cannot verify and can’t remember who made it, is to pay Lester to start Pacific Standard, so that Pacific Standard comes up most often as a potential job notification. Obviously, if you are new and don’t own an apartment, you cannot start these heists.

There are seven (7) VIP*/CEO Work missions: Headhunter, Hostile Takeover, Asset Recovery, Executive Deathmatch, Executive Search, Sightseer, Piracy Prevention. Headhunter, Asset Recovery and Sightseer missions can be done without any interaction from other groups. Executive Deathmatch, Executive Search and Piracy Prevention require action or inaction from opposing players to complete. Regardless, once your first mission is over, you must wait 5 minutes before you can start another one or a full 10 minutes before you can the same mission over again.

Headhunter and Siteseer missions each pay the most, $20,500 for completion within 5 minutes and a little more for longer missions. Therefore, it is recommended that you switch between Headhunter and Sightseer missions in a public lobby. Hostile Takeover, Asset Recovery, and Sightseer are all available in Invite Only Sessions. So, if you are finding it difficult to complete missions in a public lobby for any reason, you can swap between Hostile Takeover and Sightseer missions in an Invite Only session.

During the five (5) cooldown periods each hour, you can sell one car and fill in the other four with robbing stores or even crate collection if you have a good crew.

*requires $1 million in bank. This works for four real time hours before a 12 hour cooldown period for V.I.P.s. You can switch to your second character to give yourself another four hours. If you are a CEO (own a business), you can grind this all day, every day. See below Citation 9.

Contact Missions are Rockstar created missions given to you by different contacts such as Lamar, Martin and Gerald. It does not matter which mission you do, so long as you do it quickly (4:01) and load the next mission quickly. Yes, the longer you wait the more money you make, but not as much as if you did another mission. See belowCitation 3 – What is the Best Way to Make Money in GTA? Some missions are easier and/or more fun than others and I have compiled a list for you below. Missions pay out a small amount more or less, but if it isn’t easy or fun, there is no point in doing it. See below Citation 10 – Contact Missions.

To maximize the payout of contact missions, you must

a. Add People – 2 players +10% (90k +9k = 99k), 3 players +20% (90k+18k=108k), 4 players +30% (90k+27k=117k)

b. ONLY PLAY MISSIONS ON HARD = +50% extra $$$ and RP.

c. ALWAYS play Double Money and RP missions on Rockstar Bonus Weekends.

d. Complete the Mission as soon after 4 Minutes as possible – It doesn’t matter what job you do, so long as you can do it quickly and load the next one quickly to make the most money per hour. – All Credit to ThrillHouse for this one – See below Citation 3.

Nevertheless, below are some examples of players’ favorites. I have organized them according to the vehicle type needed to complete the mission in the easiest way possible. The times are very broad estimates based on solo play. Most importantly, the 1-2 minute missions are meant to remind you that you must wait until after the four minute mark to get the most money out of your grind.

Player Favorites


Cleaning the Cathouse454Call a Merryweather Pickup, Land on Roof, EASY
Trash Talk814 EASY
Time to Get Away204EASY
Judging the Jury65+4Easy
Diamonds are for Trevor70+4Easy, Long
High Priority Case25+4Moderate
Base Invaders27+4Moderate
Los Santos Connection4010 – 20 Solo Difficult

Kuruma Missions

Holed up – Burton504 End/Begin Spawn Same Place
Rooftop Rumble754EASY
Titan of a Job24+4EASY
Check Out Time35+42ppl, EASY
Handle With Care20+4Moderate

Any Vehicle Will Do Missions

Ballas to the Wall51-22ppl, moderate
Rockford Roll51-2
Flood in the LS River64moderate
Deal Breaker642ppl, EASY
Death Metal64
Blow Up I121-2EASY
Romance Isn’t Dead134 moderate
San Andreas Seoul164
Blow Up II2042ppl, EASY
Crystal Clear Out I28+4EASY
Blow Up III3142ppl
Water the Vineyard404 moderate
Editor and Thief45+4moderate
Defender704 Easy Patience Req’d
Chopper Tail70+4Moderate, Long

Finally, most players list the below missions as their favorites for both fun and ease, but these missions are not always available. They are only available during certain hours of the GTA day and must be entered by walking into the blue corona, which is marked by a star icon on the player’s radar. You can easily find playlists on Rockstar Social Club that include these missions so that you can grind them easily. See Citation 14 – Rockstar Social Club

Freemode Cooperative Missions



Crystal Clear Out II



3:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Dirt Road



2:00 PM – 10:00 PM



12:00 AM – 8:00 AM



4:00 AM – 12:00 PM



12:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Crystal Clear Out III



7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

See below Citation 12 – Top 6 Solo Missions for CashSee below Citation 11 – Best Contact MissionsSee below Citation 10 – Contact Missions

See below Citation 13 – Fastest & Highest Paying Missions

The Fleeca Heist is the first of five available Heists in GTA Online. It is completed by two people, the leader and the member. Additionally, to lead a heist, you must own an apartment. From start to finish, the heist should take approximately 30 minutes and is extremely easy, especially when using a Kuruma for the mission stealing the Kuruma. With a 60% cut, you can make $2,200 a minute. Once you complete the Heist, you must wait a full GTA day (48 minutes) before hosting the next one. Two people can swap leader roles and grind this heist for $74,600 per leader role and $68,325 per support role at 60/40 split or $142,925 per hour or complete cycle.

Assuming the complete heist takes 75 minutes with a total payout of $400,000, you will earn $5,333 a minute or $319,980 per hour. See below Citation 6 – Fair Heist Payouts

Honorable Mention – Time Trials

These are short, one per week, races to beat a par time. The first successful attempt you complete one of these races under the par time, you win $50,000. Any later successful attempt on the same race will only award $1,000 to $4,000.

See Citation 7 – Time Trials

Veteran Players – Group

Veteran players in a group have two choices for maximizing profits:

1. V.I.P./CEO/MC Method

The most efficient way to make money in GTAOnline is to go into a semi-private “public” session with your friends (either “join a new session” until you are by yourself or just join your friend with the least amount of people in it *HINT: free aim servers have considerably less novice players in them) and run V.I.P. Headhunter, Sightseer & challenges with CEO crate missions during cooldown periods. If you can find a cooperative cartel server (several crews doing work without any killing), you can take advantage of the freemode events, as well. You should only sell your MC goods and/or CEO goods when you are in a cooperative cartel server to maximize your payout bonus. Never forget to sell a car once an hour.

Not 100% VERIFIED = If you have a four player crew, you can resupply MC businesses by stealing the supplies. Any group less than that and you are wasting profit that could be made doing other things, so I recommend you simply pay the $75,000 to resupply each business. (As of this publishing, you must wait until the business resupplies before leaving the MC, then you can leave the MC and your workers will create the product while you are in CEO or VIP crews).

2. Heist/Contact Mission Method

To defeat boredom, simply mix-up playing Pacific Standard or any other heist and the contact missions. If you are going to run contact missions, the fastest way to proceed is to create playlists of your favorite missions so you don’t waste time on transition screens and choosing random missions. Don’t forget to check in and resupply your MC businesses every couple of hours. Buy the supplies, don’t waste time stealing them. You can make more money doing other things. Never forget to sell a car every hour. See Citation 6 – Fair Heist Payouts

Veteran Players – Solo

VIP missions in a public lobby (Headhunter and Sightseer), mix-in selling cars, robbing stores and collecting crates (only in friendly lobbies) during the cool down periods. Finally, resupply your MC club businesses and sell your product once it is full when you are in an empty public lobby or with friends.


Play Guns, Guns, Guns GTA race on PS4 (or create your own) to resupply your Sticky Bombs, Grenades, Molotovs, Tear Gas, Pistol, Shotgun and SMG Ammo for free. If I had done this from the beginning, I could have saved $1.6 million in sticky bombs alone, $1 million in grenades and $600k in shotgun shells.


$12,600 Sticky Bombs

$5,000 Grenades

$3,300 Tear Gas

$1.50 per Shotgun Round, 100 = $150, 1000 = $1500

$2.33 per Pistol Round, 100= $233, 1000 = $2330

$1.87 per SMG Round, 100 = $187, 1000=$1870

“Never pay for pistol,shotgun,and smg ammo again. also free stickies,grenades,molotavs,tear gas.” – jazzbone from GTA Forums

What Does Jp Mean In Gta

New Players – Group

If you are new and you have three other new friends, nothing is more lucrative than completing all the heists the first time with the same group. See Citation 6 – Fair Heist Payouts

FIRST TIME – $100,000

Complete the finale mission for a heist on any difficulty for the first time.

ALL IN ORDER – $1,000,000

Complete every heist, including setup missions, in order.

LOYALTY – $1,000,000

Complete all heists with the same team of players.


Complete every heist (including setup missions) in order, with the same team members on hard difficulty with no deaths. See Below Citation 5

If you aren’t on for long, then practice the heist setups or jump into contact missions.

New Players – 2 Players

Grind The Fleeca Job. Swap the leadership role after every completion, sell a car after every two completions and rob stores ever time there is extra cool down time, or take a break. . . .

New Players – Solo

Sell Cars, Rob Stores and join missions and heists with other people. Meet new people and join a crew. When you find another player who is good at doing the things you like to do to make money, FRIEND them and invite them next time.

As soon as possible and in this order, buy

  1. a mask (for purchase starting around $950)
  2. armored kuruma (available after completing Fleeca Job Heist) cost – $525,000.
  3. buzzard attack helicopter (VIP/CEO on demand FREE vehicle and $200 delivery fee in most missions and freeroam, if purchased ) cost – $1.75 million.

Citation 0 – Con’s Rockstar Social Club Page

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What Does Jp Mean In Gta

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Last reviewed: 29th Aug 2018

TRP has a GTA roleplay server! Here’s a quick primer to get you started.

How To Apply

What does jp mean in gta 5

It’s a whitelist-only server and we run the community through Discord. Join the Discord server here.

To apply to the GTA server, head on over to the Rules page and be prepared to follow those. Then check out the GTA server rules and be sure to understand them. Then hit the Apply button at the top of this page or go here and link your Steam and Discord accounts to the website. Please ensure that the Discord account you link is the same as the one you used to join our server.

Once your application is approved, you’ll get an email and a bunch of new GTA chat channels like #los-santos-gta-general will appear in the Discord.

You’ll need Grand Theft Auto V on PC and the FiveM mod to play. Both Steam and Rockstar Social Club versions of GTA V should work fine.

Installing FiveM:

  1. Go to FiveM.net
  2. Hit “Download Client”
  3. Copy the downloaded .exe file to your preferred install location (currently requires ~650MB of space)
  4. Run it and select your GTA 5 install directory when prompted (If you use Steam, right-click on the game, Properties > Local Files > Browse local files to check your directory)

Congratulations! You’re good to go!


FiveM will automatically download everything required to play on TRP’s GTA server.

We do suggest you download and install this MapZoomData.meta file and copy it into FiveM.appcitizencommondataui. Be sure to rename your original file something memorable (e.g. MapZoomData.meta.old) if you wish to revert.

Server Rules

You are expected to know and abide by all the server rules listed here.

Character Creation

New characters spawn at City Hall
You will see two green circles:

  • City Hall
  • Chamber of Commerce
  1. Step inside the City Hall green circle
  2. Select “New Identity” and enter your RP First Name, Last Name, and Age
  3. Main Menu (Tilde ~ Key) -> Identity: Displays all your information if you set up your Identity correctly
  4. You can get a second character by having a second Steam ID whitelisted. Alternatively, you are free to create a new character at any point. Simply return to the City Hall green circle and start the process from scratch. You get a new phone number and lose all all of your previous phone contacts. Choose wisely.

Failure to create an Identity will result in one warning and then a permanent ban

Customizing Your Character

Walk to the Clothing Store “Suburban” on Hardwick Ave. It’s one block NW of City Hall.

Once inside, you will have to make a choice. Do you want to use the FreeMode skin or NPC skin?

  • FreeMode Skin: Gives players the most customization.
  • NPC Skin: Little to no customization.

Creating your character using FreeMode Skins

Note: You must do these steps in this exact order.

  1. Go to the Clothing Store by City Hall. Step into the blue circle (Cloakroom) in the back right of the store by the mirror.
  2. Choose Male or Female.
  3. Go to the Barber Shop down the street to customize your Face.
  4. Select “Face” in Barber Shop Menu FIRST. Use the Left/Right Arrow Keys to see all Face options.
  5. Once you’ve chosen your face then look at all the other options in the Barber Shop Menu.
  6. Use the Left/Right Arrow keys to change features. Press “Enter” to change colors.
  7. Go back to the Clothing Store.
  8. Step into the green circle in the middle of the store to customize your clothes.
  9. NOTE: Use the “Hands” option to make your upper body fit into the clothes correctly.
  10. Visit the Jewelry Store and Mask Store for more accessory options!

Creating your character using the NPC Skins


Good Gta V Names

  1. Use the 2 blue circles at the front of the Clothing Store to find the male or female NPC skin you want.
  2. Some NPC skins spawn in invisible. Step into the green circle in the middle of the store and cycle through any of the clothing options with the left/right arrow keys to make the skin appear.
  3. Step into the green circle in the middle of the store to see if the NPC model has clothing options. Some have more options than others.
  4. Visit the Jewelry Store and Mask Store to see if the NPC model has accessory options. Some have more options than others.

There are many different walk styles available to make your character distinct. You can choose from these in the phone menu.


Skills affect many things in Los Santos. Some grant access to additional activities in town. Others increase your chances of successfully completing activities.


  • Fishing – This skill improves fishing loot when levelled.
  • Automotive – This skill unlocks automotive activities when levelled.
  • Brewing – This skill opens up new brewing opportunities and increases success chance.
  • Scavenging – This skill improves loot chances when digging.
  • Criminal – This skill opens up criminal content when levelled.
  • Cooking – This skill opens up new cooking opportunities and increases success chances.
  • Business – This skill opens up new business opportunities when levelled.
  • Mining – This skill improves mining loot when levelled.


What Does Jp Mean In Gta Online

  • Mechanics – This skill opens up new weapon and item crafting options.
  • Chemistry – This skill opens up new chemistry crafting options.
  • Agriculture – This skill opens up new agricultural options.


  • Health: Increasing health allows Players to absorb more damage before unconsciousness.
  • Shooting: Increasing shooting allows the player to hold more ammo while improving accuracy.
  • Flying: Increasing flying improves plane handling.
  • Stealth: Increasing stealth reduces wanted times and reports from NPCs.
  • Strength: Increasing strength allows players to hold more items in their personal inventory.
  • Stamina: Increasing stamina allows the player to run for longer amounts of time.
  • Driving: Increasing driving improves vehicle handling.
  • Lung Capacity: Increasing lung capacity allows the player to hold their breath longer.

Jp In Gta 5


There are eight unique jobs available, each with their own garages and stores. To get a job:

  1. Go back to City Hall where you created your identity and step inside the second green circle.
  2. Choose the job you want and buy the application.
  3. Select the application in your inventory.

You have now chosen a profession and that specific work garage is now available to you.

Gta V Vehicle Model Names

Congratulations! You’re ready to start your life in Los Santos. For more information on how our server works, check the full QuickStart guide pinned in the Discord #gta-announcements channel.

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